Several leaders in the B2B space need to keep in mind value addition and quality while speaking to their customers. In this blog, we take you through different reasons why accommodating customers’ search for quality through lifestyle products like furniture goes a long way in earning goodwill. First, let’s look at why furniture is at the Centre of your lifestyle whether at home or in the workspace.

Why Work on Furniture for Your Lifestyle Offering?

When you choose furniture for your project, you ought to be obsessed with quality. Recognize that it would be very painful for you or the end user to:

  1. Keep replacing their furniture every once in a while
  2. Decline buying pieces of furniture that is feared to require a lot of expensive maintenance
  3. Arrange for repairs every now and then 


That’s why your furniture must come with an assured warranty of at least 5 years.(  


Apart from quality, you also need to be cautious about two most important aspects:

  1. Aesthetics: Your offering must include products that are beautiful to look at and pleasing to touch.
  2. Ergonomics: Your offering must also be very user-friendly. Small tweaks to products can change the way people experience their surroundings.


Invest well in furniture that is durable, aesthetic and ergonomic.

Let us now turn to scenarios in homespace and workspace in which furniture matters

          1.  Hospitality

If you run a hospitality business, be doubly sure about the kind of living space you offer to your guests. Something as small as the right ergonomic chair near the table can help you make your guests stay comfortably.

An ottoman is perfect for letting them lounge casually as they enjoy the view from the window or balcony

          2. Real Estate

For real estate developers, doors and entryways they offer as part of their homes are crucial for the luxury homes you deliver to homebuyers.

The veneer you choose for your doors and the safety and security you promise them in the form of a sturdy, beautiful door influences the pricing you project to them. 


You can also avoid delays in delivering the homes to the buyers if you invest in modular doors that get ready while your homes get ready.

          3. Office Spaces

It is crucial for start-ups and even established organizations to invest in office spaces where both the team members and visitors or clients feel welcomed.

Ergonomic chairs, comfortable workstations and desks, appropriate cabin room and meeting room furniture that is well integrated with the technology go a long way in making a good impression and inspiring confidence in the quality you deliver.


For B2B spaces, investing in the right kind of lifestyle products like furniture is important because customer satisfaction is at the heart of all the deals. 

Durian meets these standards and exceeds them too. When you think of offering the best quality to maintain the trust your customers have in you, choose Durian for furniture.