Designing an office is a really expensive affair. It requires visualising what you want, matching it with your team’s comfort, anticipating your organisation’s needs in future, and fitting it all into your present budget! Phew! That’s quite a lot, isn’t it?

Because it’s too much to handle, it’s perfectly possible to add on things to your office design without having a clear vision. You might end up investing things that you don’t want. And things that actually hurt you and your team in future.

So here’s a list of what you should NOT do when designing your office or having it designed.

  1. Bad light 

Very bright light can give you a headache. And very dim light can cause your people’s eyes to strain. 

Think of how you can make room for soft light into your premises. The more room you make for natural light through glass windows, the better ambience you create and the more you save on energy consumption too.

  1. Insufficient storage system

Designing Your Office

If you don’t plan for storage (which keeps piling up), your office will end up looking messy. Apart from making your organisation and team feel claustrophobic, things lying around in offices can even cause accidents, making people trip over things spread around and gathering dust.

  1. Poor Acoustic system

If you forget about managing acoustics, the noise levels in the office will keep distracting your team. Elements such as soundproof cabins and carpets can help you minimise chances of reducing noise in your office.

  1. Stuffy Waiting Area

Designing Your Office

Plan for a reception or visitors’ area in a way that it doesn’t turn into your storage area. It needs to look hygienic and have some branding present. Designed with taste, the waiting area needs to give a good impression on clients, visitors, and potential candidates seeking to join your organisation.

  1. No Space to Cool It Off

You might get lost in workstations, cabins and cubicles and not make space for recreational areas. Think of how to utilise your space for having some space dedicated to:

  • Cafeteria
  • Lounge
  • Workout space
  • Gaming area

The specific form the recreational area should take for your organisation will be different. You may not be able to have it all. So do think of how much you can incorporate and if it incorporates the spirit and wishes of your team.

  1. Cramped Cubicles and Workstations

When desks and chairs and workstations are not designed well, it leads to problems such as lack of privacy. There will be too many distractions that may not allow your team to work in peace. 

Also, allocate some space to incorporate new joinees – your team won’t stay the same in the coming years.Plan for it as much as possible.

  1. Uncomfortable furniture

Furniture that is not ergonomic affects productivity and induces health-related problems. Invest in well-designed furniture to keep your team comfortable and productive. Durian is the most trusted expert in office furniture – designing chairs that reduce fatigue and prevent health injuries caused by repeated stress.

  1. Open Offices

Designing Your Office

When designing an open office, avoid installing workstations that don’t encourage collaboration. Oddly shaped workstations don’t make room for comfortable seating and interaction.

Open offices can also produce a lot of distraction zones with the presence of a lot of people around producing sound or generating distractions with movement.

Again, Durian is the most widely trusted brand in terms of designing workstations and cabin furniture in ways that help you manage wires and technology without a hassle and keep the team in place – close enough to collaborate and far enough to maintain privacy and space.

  1. Ignoring branding and using odd colors 

Make sure your brand colors resonate well with the interiors of your office. It makes a good impression on your visitors too. 

For example, when Durian designs workstations, we keep in mind the look, feel, and spirit of the brand. It brings a sense of unity to the decor

A good, well-designed office generates positivity and increases productivity. Avoid these mistakes when having your office designed to get the best out of your investment.

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