“Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond”
-Yves Klein

Each year Pantone selects a color of the year that is selected through observing different trends around home, travel and fashion. This year they have announced “Classic Blue” as the Pantone color of the Year 2020. Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, said that Blue would take center stage, while browns, whites and cool green hues to also play an important role this year.

The color chosen for the year is quite timeless as its name suggests, home décor can hold a lot of potentials. Classic Blue can be infused easily with the living room décor or bedroom décor as it is known as a calming and soothing color. There are many ways to add the Pantone color to your home whether you are renovating or redecorating your place. The color is an interesting pick as everyone can connect to the blue or shades of blue color.

Here are few of our suggestion about how to welcome the Pantone Color of the year to your home and lives.

1. Play with shapes

Interesting way to indulge in classic blue in your living room décor, have different shapes of things of the same color like here in the picture the wall, lounge chair, vases, painting, and the bench. Soberly make a pattern, so as it doesn’t come across that the color is dominating and after a point, it could look like a little overdo.

2. Add Blue Detail

You can think of adding classic blue accessories to the living room décor like cushion covers, curtains, paintings, lamps, or vases. It not necessary has to be a piece of furniture. In fact can think of adding bedcovers, rugs or throw in all rooms to connect with the Pantone Color of the year.

3. Give the Royal treatment

We always tend to think blue is moreover a bold color in a living room, but here in the above living room décor, the sofa set is a subtle shade of blue which makes it classy as well as sophisticated.

4. Put it everywhere

It’s completely fine if you have just bought a new furniture home or have already done your home décor recently! Add elements or little details here and there of the Pantone Color of the year to give a peppy look to your living room décor or bedroom décor.

5. Go Monochrome

The modern style blue matte upholstery contrasts the walls, the different blue elements with the same shade gives it a monochrome effect. Blue and white is a classic combination to indulge in, and it gives your room a soothing effect. Keeping curtains white pleases to the eye, making the blue sofa set stand out and be the highlight of the living room décor.

These were the few styles that you can incorporate easily and welcome the Pantone color of the year home. Blue has a very calming effect and soothes the nerves, explore these beautiful living room furniture online at www.durian.in Happy decorating!