“Focus on being productive instead of busy”

Did you know a smartphone user unlocks his device over 80 times a day! Technology is the way of life these days, and so we should try and make use of it more than just socializing and browsing, don’t you agree?

What do you say about having a bunch of assistants for yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to have a pack of functional assistants to reduce the time you spend on tasks, arrange your notes for you and make it more manageable to cooperate with your colleagues? Well, here are some super amazing applications that can turn your smartphone into multiple assistants, and you can enjoy by just sitting in your office chair.

1. Todoist

ToDoist is the latest todo list app and has benefited over 10 million people attain more control over their lives and get more done in a modern style. To begin with, first, list down everything you need to achieve. The brilliant software will then evaluate and classify the tasks for you based on your listings. For example, if you create a task to “Meet mom for lunch at 1.30 PM tomorrow #meetings”, ToDoist will automatically schedule a reminder for you tomorrow at 1. 30 PM and file the task into your “meetings” section. But ToDoist is further than just a personal productivity app. It can also be used to keep your complete team on the trail. Purpose projects and allot responsibility, discuss details, and monitor deadlines, etc. in one app.

2. Calendar

Are you looking to save more time and be more fruitful, and manage better? This amazing AI-led productivity app is always discovering for you and will save your efforts as you plan out your day, week, month, and even year. But you will have to be at it then only it can bring more value to you. With this app, you can allow people to directly book a meeting with you, which will save you the time of entering it yourself all the time.

3. Evernote

It has a cute elephant head logo that helps you not to forget to log your information such as lists, important docs, itineraries, etc. handy. It helps you organize things better and keep everything convenient for you to use. The best part is it automatically syncs with your desktops, iPads, etc. It will be a mini notebook that you carry with you everywhere and when needed, it is there on all your systems.

4. 7 Minute Workout

Credits : https://play.google.com/

What are you doing differently about the New Year’s resolution of starting a healthy lifestyle? Success comes to those who believe in owning a healthy body, mind, and soul. To get your mind to work efficiently, you require to shake up your body a little bit, and it can be quickly done by downloading the 7 Minute Workout app. The workout app has a pack of 12 exercises that can be done in 7 minutes; all you require is your body weight, a chair, and a wall.

5. Expensify

Credit: https://use.expensify.com/feature-list

Now that you have different assistants, trainers for everything, then why not have one to manage your finances for you. Expensify is a perfect task manager app that tracks the receipts and manages expenses on the go. Just click a picture of the receipt and Expensify classify and code each receipt, and submit business expenses for approval and reimbursement. It is good for young office professionals, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to manage their spreadsheet for the expenses of a business trip.

Isn’t it amazing how apps have taken over so much work that we do manually! Now by sitting in your office chair, you can leverage technology to make more time for your loved ones or for new things to indulge in. For modern office furniture opt for ergonomic chairs and furniture from Durian.