A wise line by Juan Montoya that a room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.

If you have been thinking about a makeover, renovation, and getting the latest trend home? Then what better year than the start of a new decade? Get out of the annoying wallpapers, dull paints, and the monotonous furniture, it is summer, and Pantone color itself wants to celebrate the coolness this year! It is time to get the freshness and things you have always send in the magazine to your home because this year is all about breaking the stereotype home decor ideas. Here are some fantastic living room decor ideas which will showcase the trends suggested by interior designers all over the globe as well as furniture in the image are in-house with the link for you explore.

1. A lot of Blue

This year is all about classic blue, and what better color to welcome to your home, which is calming and soothing in itself. The bright color is in vogue, even the shades, hue or even ombre of blue is a good idea. What better way to get the blue color in the living room decor with a sofa set that is welcoming.

2. Structured Simplicity

Simplicity is one thing that never fails to grab the attention, but that doesn’t mean a brown couch and rot iron tables! These are old stories, and nowadays simplicity is defined by the minimal furniture approach which gets all the eyes. Here, in the picture is an all-glass coffee table is stylish, minimal, and a statement piece in itself. Opt for such articles if you are a fan of minimalistic design and get more of statement pieces home that will go with your furniture.

3. Comfort first

The days are bygone, where you compromise on style and design for comfort. These days people are opting for a recliner sofa set or creating a lounge area for having a comfortable place to relax and unwind at home. The idea to bring in comfort to your place is by adding layers with cushions, rugs or faux furs, etc. In the picture, it is a Nappa Aire leather upholstery recliner sofa set in a soothing color that will go well with any living room decor.

4. High Contrast Décor

Have you ever thought about buying a yellow lounge chair or a hot pink cushion cover but was scared to try it? Then 2020, is your year bring in the contrast color to your place. Even if you are thinking of painting a wall black do it! There is no more room for a single tone room anymore like a neutral brown color or just cream white. In the picture, we have shown a vintage setting with the floral paintings, classic lampshades, and even a flower vase, but the sofa set gives it a 2020 look. Get your different ideas to the bay and explore.

5. Refined Glamour

A touch of gold or metallic is always that never goes out of style from the decor because it gives a royal, vintage look to your place. But this year other than going for a vintage kind of style, why not opt for something metallic that is functional and useful. Like in the picture, the lampshade, coffee table, and side table are metallic that brings the bling to the room.

Hope you like the ideas that are trending this summer and you must have started ideating about your living room as well. You like any of the above designs you can check it out at www.durian.in