Every home reflects its inhabitants, hinting at certain traits of their personality while also creating an
aura for itself. From modern to contemporary, to ethnic, to vintage – each interior theme has a unique
pull. And if vintage is a theme that captures your attention, it definitely should be the theme your home
embodies. Of course, what most people don’t realize is that vintage isn’t a synonym for old-looking. It
just refers to an old-world style and structure that has a timeless appeal. While refurnishing family
heirloom furniture from a previous era is an option, you can even buy vintage collection furniture. As
long as the piece of furniture has a construction that resembles the robust yet detailed look that is a
patent characteristic of vintage, you can work it. So, if you’re looking to re-energize your home with a
vintage theme, here are some décor tips on how you can work the vintage charm.

Use it as your focal point.

Go about this the way interior décor experts do. You can use the vintage element as a focal point for the
room. This point of focus will be the one element that appears to draw other furniture elements toward
it. Not only does this establish a sense of symmetry but it also gives the décor an elevated flair. Now you
have complete freedom to choose the focal point. It can be a mantel, wall mirror, antique artwork or
maybe a sofa set with a center table like the Atticus Fabric Sofa set. And if you want a cleaner and more
tailored look you could have a single vintage three-seater like the Elton premium leatherette sofa.

Mix old and new

Instead of using only vintage furniture items and accessories you may want to opt for a mixture of
vintage and contemporary to make the room look well-edited. This mix of modern and vintage will add
depth to the interior design, lending aesthetics that previously weren’t there. The Signa Roman Numeral
Wall Clock can be an artistic addition to a room that’s been reimagined with vintage dining or seating.

Add greenery

Furnishing your home with vintage furniture and accessories gives it an earth-friendly appeal. However,
you can give the room a little more interest by adding indoor plants like tropical bamboos and
succulents. This combination layers the living space in a more natural way. The key, however, is to
maintain a good flow of color. If it were up to our experts, we’d suggest rounding off a bedroom’s corner
by setting up a potted fiddle leaf fig plant near a bed whose design resembles the Winston premium
leatherette bed. If you prefer enjoying nature in your living or dining room than the bedroom, the Elanor
marble set adorned with textured plants or a terrarium will inspire you.

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