We brought the future to our stall at Acetech with the help of our team who brought our vision to life. Displaying new materials and furniture pieces, Durian brought perfection, beauty and charm to Acetech this year.

Durian has always been at the forefront of furnishing and interior decor solutions in India. We set up a stall at Acetech that represented our core values with emphasis on bringing the future of furniture to those in attendance which included Plywood, Veneer, Laminates, Door and Door frames, Furniture and Institutional Projects.

Interior Decor Solutions In India

We provided a glimpse into some of the biggest innovations in design and materials that will play a big role in the future of interior decor in India. 

Furniture For Home

Our patrons were quite pleased with our displays and our team were more than willing to help them understand the basics of furniture in both the office and home spaces. 

Affordable Furniture

We set up a lounge on the mezzanine floor for guests to experience how our products feel. 

Living Room Furniture

People were quite excited to enter our stall for the Durian experience. We provided them with an insight into modern and contemporary furniture. 

Contemporary Furniture

More than just a retailer, Durian prides itself in providing complete interior solutions, delivering quality that is rarely matched by others. Our patrons witnessed it first hand with our tables, chairs and interiors. 

Tables & Chair

Always aiming to please, our stall was the definition of an aesthetic and well balanced interior décor space, complete with living room, and office setup for the inquisitive minds.

 Furniture For Living Room

Office spaces have always been dear to us because comfort where you work is always important. Our stall at Acetech represented the best of what Durian had to offer, combining a unique aesthetic with functionality. 

Office Furniture India

Acetech was a great experience for us this year. We received positive feedback from those who visited our stall. We hope you had a great time.