A good mattress is something of prime importance in ensuring you get undisturbed sleep. With work-life boundaries blurring day by day, you’d want to safeguard your sleep time better. 51% Indians retire to bed quite late – between 11 pm and 1 am. 16% of Indians studied believe they have insomnia. 

While there are many causes of bad sleep (including excessive screen time and listening to loud music on earphones), the most shocking root cause of poor sleep is an unhealthy mattress!

You realize it’s very important to take utmost care of your health. While proper diet and regular exercise are recommended to stay healthy, did you know a good sleep acts as a therapy, healing you and helping you rejuvenate yourself?

Finest Paddding in the Durian Wink Mattresses

What could be better than ensuring you sleep well amidst all the chaos?

Here are the factors that emphasize the importance of investing in the right mattress right away given the fact that the big sale is upon us all!

  1. Comfort Level
  2. Body Weight
  3. Sleep Pattern & Sleep Style
  4. Back Support & Posture

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

1. Comfort Level

A good sleep is something we all crave after a long and tiring day. A mattress provides you with a comfortable & cosy sleeping experience ridding you of all the stress. A good mattress has the proper padding and expands well to fit on the bed.

You often curl up on the bed and relax to rejuvenate yourself as the night approaches. Mattresses are what ensure the relaxation and relief that you experience once you snuggle up.


2. Body Weight

A good mattress is the one that bears your weight well. It should be supple enough to make you feel rested without distorting its shape. 

The mattresses that have ordinary springs cause a lot of damage to your musculoskeletal structure. 

3. Sleep Pattern & Sleep Style 

If your mattress is not made for comfort with the right upholstery and depth, you often get disturbed sleep. 

Good sleep ensures good quality upholstery, fine padding and right depth that suit you.

Your sleep pattern is also taken care of by a good mattress ensuring you have a great experience.

The size of Wink Mattresses

4. Back Support & Posture

Your back/spine health is crucial and it all depends on your sleeping posture. A good mattress supports your back and ensures the posture is not affected. 

Box Springs are recommended for supporting the contours of the back.


All these factors ensure that you sleep well and experience comfort while relaxing on the mattress. In addition to other measures you take to stay healthy, do not underestimate the power of sound sleep in healing your body. The least we can do is invest in a good mattress that will ensure that our sleep is stress-free and comfortable.