Wardrobes are an interesting way to enhance the décor of your room. We bring to you smart designs for wardrobes that help you make a style statement about you and your home.

These trendy colour ideas will inspire you to get a stunning looking new wardrobe for you.

1. A play of plain and patterned 


The idea of contrast between plain and patterned helps you create a unique pattern, and it is likely to complement the overall theme of the room.

This wardrobe is designed keeping such a need for contrast in mind. The plain middle draws attention to the veneer finish at the top as well as bottom, creating a neat style.

2. A touch of wood 


Retaining the look and feel of wood brings a sense of warmth into the room. It appeals to those always looking for an ethnic or traditional design for their homes.

This wardrobe was crafted to add to the earthy and natural feel to the space. 

3. Getting creative with white 


White makes veneer stand out well. A combination of white and brown looks very classy.

In this wardrobe, the plain white with veneer finish enhances the white background of the wall by extending it in the contrast with the brown.

When it comes to thinking about colours for wardrobe, think of the existing colour palette of your room. If you’ve chosen white or grey neutrals for the wall paint, you can safely go for darker, bolder colours for your wardrobe. 

Your colour combinations can make a wardrobe stand out. Some people require the wardrobe to draw attention to itself while others need it to be a neutral space so that something else in the room can get highlighted.


So, what kind of colours would you like your wardrobe to carry?