The wedding season is upon us. And as always, you need to plan ahead so that you can get hold of the perfect wedding gift for a couple that’s excited about their new life together.

We are here to help you think in advance so that you can avoid the guilt of “fixing” a gift at the last moment – a sad gift that doesn’t make sense to you, or the newly wed couple!

Plus you get the satisfaction of giving them something useful just in time for their new space whether it’s a room they are designing for themselves or moving into a new home.

Here are 5 home designing ideas that you’ll make the newly wed couple happy with.

1. The centerpiece of the bedroom – beds

Beds come in a variety of sizes but 2 standard ones are relevant here –  king size and queen size. You would want the new bride to feel welcomed in the new home. Pick a simple one or one with an exquisite headboard.

The centerpiece of the bedroom-beds, perfect wedding gift

Complete the gift with the right kind of  mattress and pillow and you’ll have the couple sorted with the most basic piece of furniture that makes a home comfortable.

2. Wardrobe – for holding all your style

A new beginning brings a lot of additions to life. Both the partners are blessed with a lot of clothes and accessories. You, on the contrary, can give them the ultimate gift to hold them all together. That’s the wardrobe. The couple would thank you copiously for solving their storage needs.

Wardrobe - for holding all your style

From a minimalistic 2 door wardrobe to lavish 4 door ones, from slide doors to swing doors, and from wood to glass, you’ll be amazed by the kind of innovation happening in wardrobe design right now.

3. Pepping up the living room – with sofas

Sofas make living rooms complete. They make living rooms comfortable especially when having the visitors over – and you’d know very well, newly wed couples do have a lot of people visiting them from time to time to spend time with the new member of the family.

Pepping up the living room - with sofas, perfect wedding gift

Leather, premium leatherette, and fabric – the options are many, and you can have the upholstery customized to their taste. Sofas are not just functional. By gifting sofas to them, you’d be gifting them unique décor pieces.

4. Being together – the dining set

Food is a great way to spend time together. Make the couple’s meal times cozy and comfortable instead of making them go through makeshift dining spaces on the sofa or around the bed.

Being together the dining set- Oerfect wedding gift

Even a basic 4 seater makes a lot of difference. And then there are grand 6 or 8 seaters too depending on the size of the family or frequency of guests visiting over. Marble, glass & wood – dining sets of all shapes and sizes are gifting ideas you can never go wrong with.

5. Coffee tables – to make the living room complete

Coffee tables or tables that can be used as side tables or center tables are the best and the easiest wedding gift to ship to the newly married couple. They can have it placed wherever they like. Tables are multipurpose and always come handy either for storage or for snack time during casual get togethers.

Coffee tables - to make the living room complete

With modular options available for all these home design ideas, you don’t have to worry about the mess or the noise at home. You can respect the couple’s privacy by having their gift delivered and assembled in a matter of minutes. And you’ll also have the satisfaction of giving something meaningful to the married couple.

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