If you are a CEO, manager, leader, you’ll need to have a new Standard Operating Procedure to take care of everyone’s safety. It should cover all measures for ensuring sanitation and well-being.

While these measures were taken for granted earlier, they should be everyone’s priority now. Everyone should be alert about chances of contagion and its impact on health.

While you may have sanitation measures in place, it will now be important for you to take your team into confidence about adapting to new sanitation measures at a personal level too.

Through this blog, we seek to share an exhaustive list of things under 2 broad categories that can help all corporates everywhere to make it easier for them to adjust to the new normal, as they say.

    1. Provide your team members with adequate amenities to maintain sanitation and social distancing.


There are many things you can provide to your team members that will help them take care of themselves and the office too. For example:

a. Provide them with face shields will be, especially to the security staff and all staff interacting with outsiders like visitors and drivers.

b. Provide them with disposable plates and spoons will be for mealtimes.

c. Provide them with two reusable masks, gloves and face shields, especially to the sub staff.


Mask, blue gloves and a sanitizer bottle

e. Have some provision for the concerned employees to disinfect their reusable shields, masks etc daily.

f. Ensure every team member has separate stationery items like pens, pencils and staplers so that everyone can avoid contact with each other in the process of sharing these.

g. Provide enclosed dustbins to discard your gloves and face masks.

h. Have sufficient sanitation resources to disinfect any goods coming into the office premises.

i. Keep enough sanitizers (65% alcohol content) ready so that your members can sanitize their hands after entering the office.

j. Keep enough sanitizers (65% alcohol content) ready for sanitization of laptops/ desktops, mouse and mobile phone twice daily.

    2. Draft guidelines for movement in the office.


a. There’s a lot you can do to help team members by guiding them regarding how to carry on with the business without posing danger to themselves or the colleagues. For example:

b. Encourage them to wear face masks and gloves.

c. Put up reminder notices to ask them to use their shoulders, hips or elbows to open doors.


Guidelines for office to wear a mask


d. Put up reminders in void in canteen or in office premises and corridors to the effect that they should avoid sharing food or gathering or sitting in groups.

e. Ask all to avoid using the refrigerator or storing food in the refrigerator.

f. Encourage the use of the stairs instead of lift.

g. Restrict the use of pantry: do not make it available for washing utensils for everyone.

h. Encourage the use of phone or intercom for interacting with colleagues.

i. Monitor employees through biometric system or apps like GreytHR.

j. Ask everyone to fill in a self-declaration regarding their best knowledge of the health conditions of their family members during lockdown along with their travel history.


j. Ask everyone to fill in a self-declaration form


Providing your team with the right amenities and guidelines will ensure that they adapt well to the new sanitation measures. After all, sanitation should involve people too to be of the right use to the organization.


We hope these lists make your transition to office after lockdown easy. Let us know about the things you are following you are office.