Updating your doors might not be the first thing on your home decor list, however, they are the most crucial part of your space when it comes to creating an impression. 

In this blog we’re going to talk about 5 simple ways to create entryways that put time on standstill.

Ceiling High doors

For homes with high ceilings or where you’re simply willing to create a striking focal point, ceiling-high doors are indeed a best choice. They add grandeur to your entryway and make the home look spacious and inviting. Also because of the height of the door, when kept open, the light between the rooms is better diffused and in greater amounts.

Durian Elements/04 designer veneer door

Add a green serenity for a soothing entryway. With limited access to outdoors and work from home leaving us cooped up indoors, all you need to add is a pop of green to your space. Adding beautiful planters near doors creates a calming environment, while making it revitalizing and energizing.

Durian SUN/3 designer veneer door

When it comes to a stunning living space, how can we exclude the beautiful textured walls! You can choose from multiple designs that include wood, stone, brick, paint, wallpaper, tiles, etc.  The textured walls give that jazz element to your entryways.

Durian Hurst designer veneer door

An seating next to your door evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. A combination of a and a classic accent chair or a bench adds interest and style to your entryway, that the guests will never stop admiring.  

Durian Freeman designer veneer door

Nurture nature in its authentic form by using veneers for your door design. You can choose from an eclectic range of designer veneers available in awe-inspiring patterns on Durian.

Keep all these considerations in mind as you embark on your design journey. We understand that your home is an integral part of life, and so are the entryways. It defines your style and adds charisma to your space. Get inspired and complete your dream home with a dream entryway.