Homes that are compactly designed often face storage issues. Your bedroom is the first place where any kind of space constraint will pinch you the most! What if all your space issues could vanish and you could create more space! We’ll tell you how.

Creating more space means: 

  1. Using existing space intelligently
  2. Discovering more corners that you never thought existed
  3. Maximising the space you already have
  4. Redesigning the layout of your room to create more space
  5. Using colours smartly to drive away the sense of being in a closed space

Here are 11 things you can keep in mind while trying to create more space in your bedroom.
1.     Your wardrobe should be your focus when it comes to creating more storage space in your bedroom. Invest in a spacious modular wardrobe to kill all your nightmares about space.

Red and Grey 2 panel Sliding Modular Wardrobe

2.     If your wardrobe is already taking up a lot of space, invest in a chest of drawers and keep it next to your bed. You won’t need a night table. Plus you’ll be able to keep your bedding, books, and even accessories here. It can also double up as your dresser if you like! It can also work as a TV stand!

3.     Invest in a rack. It can work as a bookcase and let you keep other things that need more than a nightstand or a side table.

4.     Have open shelves installed on a wall. Use it as a nightstand. Keep your alarm, photo frames, diary, pen holder, plant, or an alarm clock.

5.     Install hooks on the walls to have coats, jackets, bags, or even jewellery.

6.     Invest in transparent furniture: glass and acrylic tables that create a sense of spaciousness.

7.     Invest in a work desk or writing desk that can double up as a nightstand.

Barkley Solid Wood Study Table

8.     Buy a bed that comes with storage.

9.     Instead of huge reading chairs, buy low stools that can be tucked under a table or pushed aside to a corner.

10.  Check if you can utilise the back of your wardrobe door to have lightweight things like accessories.

11.  Use the back of your bedroom door to hang more items.

Let’s go back to where we started – your wardrobe. You won’t have to get into any kind of space conflict if you have the right kind of wardrobe in your bedroom that is customised to your needs.

Stay decluttered with Durian’s modular wardrobes. Talk to our design expert to explain your storage requirements. We’ve got you covered – space wise!