Are you tired of working in your archetypal workspace?

Do not worry, you now have a chance to upgrade your office and eventually redeem your overall performance. Revamping your workspace is important to gain that steady corporate environment. Bringing a change in your office décor will not only make it look fresh and appealing but will also increase the productivity levels. Durian makes your office makeover easier for you by bringing The Big Fat Durian Sale, which grants products at 60% discount rate.

1) Hide that clutter:

office desk

Would you feel like working on an office desk which is badly organized? A cluttered office will not only cause a hindrance to your work, but will also give you a hard time coping up with your deadlines. Make sure your workspace is clean and simple. Place minimum items on your desk. Invest in an appealing office storage which will occupy all your work related essentials. Bring in modular office furniture so that you get office which is clutter free as well as creatively functional.. Verona by Durian embraces these principles with elegance.

2) An artistic space:


What if your workspace is the space which contains all your favorite components? Imbibing your preferred elements makes the place more comfortable and inviting. If you are an art lover, then adding artistic components like statues, photo frames, or wall art will be a great way to make your office more cordial and less formal. Make sure you do not use varied colours everywhere, as it will tarnish what you want to achieve.

3) Add your personality:

office space

With most of our time spent in the workspace, we cannot deny that the office environment does affect our work. Giving your workspace the personality you possess, will encourage you to work harder along with giving you ultimate job satisfaction.
If you are the one who appreciates the classic, then assimilating the vintage feel will be a winsome idea, as it will be captivating for your visitors as well as a befitting place for your personality. Get in units like vintage furniture, sculptures, leather upholstery, trunks, etc to achieve that vintage feel.

4) Office with a view:

ergonomic office chair

Office which consists of four walls and no breather will never be a good place to work in. Having a view, manages the balance between light and our psychological process. It indirectly affects the productivity of the employees. Use windows of convenient size or glass panes so that you get the perfect view and a place to stare at and think of ideas. Get in curtains which will block the unnecessary hindrance caused by sunlight. Invest in a good ergonomic office chair so that you comfortably enjoy your view while working.

5) DIY workspace:

furniture for workspace

Won’t it be a good idea if you have a flexible workspace which can change according to your tasks and mood? Personalizing and updating your workspace makes you work in a smooth and stress-free way. Opt for essentials like a smart desk on which you can scribble and erase it off, Pin up boards, etc. This helps your workspace convert according to your needs. Or you could try for something more modern like Matador or Breslin by Durian.

These were our suggestions to make your workspace arrangement new and refreshing. This Big Fat Durian Sale, invest in quality bulk office furniture. You can shop online on our website or walk into our stores to avail the Big Fat Durian Sale discounts on that classy and affordable furniture for your office. Stay tuned to get more such décor ideas to make every space of yours more than functional.