We all escape to a special place after a tiring day at the office. To some, it could be a favourite cafe, or to others, it could be your home sweet home, with your loved ones. But the need to relax and unwind has become a daunting necessity, if not, a luxury. With these few pointers, you can easily transform your favourite corner of the house into a cozy lounge.

Keep it cozy, warm and inviting:

Bring in the warmth and vibrancy. Ensure that the space is cozy and inviting. You can achieve this by making use of furniture pieces, rugs, pillows and throws. Use proper amount of light in the room, which will give you the warm feeling. Opt for scented sticks or candles, which will make your visitors, feel calm and relaxed. A beautifully lit fireplace in your living room would be a good idea as it will give your room the vintage look along with giving it the cozy feel.


Bring in the greens:

This is one of the most feasible and best ways to create a subdue environment for the lounge like feel at your home. You can opt for nature inspired elements, which will give your space the outdoor-like atmosphere. Just make use of a green carpet and you are all set. However, this doesn’t mean that you spread the carpet all over the floor. Make use of it in just small areas so that it isn’t too prominent. Add accents like potted plants, sculptures, small water bodies, lounge chairs, etc to create a soothing environment. Resist an overdose of greens and just add touches which will make your space look influenced by nature in a clever way.


Light it up:

Lighting is one of the major factors that can help you glam up your living area at home. However, this completely depends on your budget and liking. You can either choose to keep one statement lighting piece or series of lamps, it’s up to you. And if not this, then accentuating the place with figures that exude subtle lighting would be the best option. The lights that you choose should be vibrant as well as calming for your room. Keep in mind the decor and sense of the room, and add the lights accordingly. Opting for statement chandeliers instead of conventional lights, will bring your house interior several notches up. To give it a final touch, get some scented candles to bring positivity as it can work wonders.


Go eclectic:

Having a theme is important, but it is also very important to ensure that your space does not have things that are monotonous which will make it boring. For example, for a house you can opt for a simple white chaise lounge with colorful cushions placed on it and multiple ottomans and arm chair. You can combine stacking and folding chairs with nested tables to amplify the space. However, with this make sure that the seating area offers a variety, as it will enhance your space in an absolute manner along with giving your visitors their personal space. Understand ‘less is more’, and do not just cramp up items in your room to give it an eclectic look.


Keep it in line with the theme:

To create a sense of personality for your room, it is important to set a theme. Treat your room as a canvas and utilize it according to your theme. If you want your décor influenced by the contemporary style, add details accordingly. Play with the neutral color palette and add touches of bold elements. You can incorporate accents like rockers, a vibrant yet classy art work on the wall, see through window panes, etc. Stick to your theme and add touches which will bring it alive in a sophisticated and alluring way. So always design your house keeping in mind the other areas of your space. Find a balance between variation as well as free space.


These are some of our suggestions to make your space appealing and functional. Keep the decor minimal and apt, to get the mix of vibrancy and sophistication in your house which will give you the touch of a lounge area. Stick around for more such decor ideas that might come in handy for you to convert your space into a lavish and modern piece of art.