Do you want your bedroom to look classy like those hotel suites, which you have visited and fallen in love with?

If you are planning on giving a classy makeover to your bedroom, there are few things that we think you should consider. This Big Fat Durian Sale, let your bedroom speak your style with less efforts and even lesser investments. Here’s a list of must haves to get that classy look.

1) Theme it:

Beach Themed Living Room


Adding a theme to your bedroom will give it a refreshing look along with a unique persona of its own. Add elements which you love or would like to get a feel of, so as to create a positive vibe along with being creative. Add a touch of royalty with exquisitely designed King or Queen Beds to imbibe that luxe and elite look in your bedroom. Bring in some greenery, keep the balcony wide, and windows big which will bring in a natural theme. Investing in an extravagant bedroom furniture set can be quite a feasible thing to do, as you won’t have to go on a quest for the furniture which complements each other.

2) Add panache with ceiling beams:

Rustic Bedroom Peace Design Guest Bedroom


While decorating our house we often tend to forget about the ceiling, we either opt for paints or plaster it. But, the ceiling is very important as it transforms the look of your room and adds elegance to it. Bring in beams which will be easy on eyes and will complement the hues of the bedroom. Do not fill your ceiling with different sorts of beams all over, like those designer furniture stores which display plethora of choices. Instead, keep the area, hues, and feel of the room you intend to imbibe before altering the ceiling.

3) The cozy corner:

Cozy Corner


No matter what the size of your bedroom is, leaving a small place for seating will make it look appealing. If you are into reading, keeping a separate space for seating which will give you the perfect calm and cozy place to sit in solitude and enjoy some time by yourself. Place your seating near the window or balcony so that you get ample amount of light and breeze.

4) Don’t let the clutter stand in:

Nightstands Bedroom Ideas


Cluttered bedrooms will never be classy. A night stand is one of the things which makes your bedroom clutter free along with providing you accessible storage. Use a night stand which complements with your upholstery or the wall colours. Keep the design subtle and add a personal touch with photo frames, flowers, books, etc. If you would like to have more space in your bedroom, then a sofa cum bed is a good solution to get that unhampered bedroom space.

5) Pile on the pillows:

Pile Of Pillows On The Bed


The Bed is the most important aspect of the bedroom and that one component which decides the absolute look of the room. Adding a pile of pillows on the bed will create an absolute style statement as it gets differentiated from the bed. Use pillows which will adapt well with your bedroom hues. Different colours and sizes of pillows will give volume to your bed. Who wouldn’t want to jump on that soft pillow pile after a long day at work?

6) Variation is classy:

Bedroom Furniture


Painting the bedroom walls in different tones of colours is a way of adding illusions to your bedroom. When the room is painted with different hues it makes the room appear larger. Warm colours on the wall gives your room a sophisticated and cozy appearance. The accent wall should be different than the other walls in the room as it is the main highlight. Understanding the difference between warm and cool colours is essential so that you don’t end up creating an eccentric looking bedroom, unless of course if that’s what you’re aiming for.

7) Wall art:

Bedroom Decor Ideas


Wall art takes your bedroom from outmoded to fashionably classy. It makes your room visually attractive and makes it inviting. Putting wall art in the bedroom can serve two purposes:  functional or creative. Go beyond the plain wall and experiment in a classy way.

These were our suggestions on how to make your bedroom appear classy.

Consider these suggestions so that no matter how old your bedroom gets, it will always seem like those branded bedroom furniture pictures you saw before giving your house a makeover.

And finding the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom isn’t difficult. You just need to know where to look. At Durian, there is ample of options for you to chose from. Ranging from exclusive beds, elegant chairs and luxurious storage spaces. And now with Upto 60% Off in the Big Fat Durian Sale, you have the perfect excuse.