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Not one, not two but three
Pillows to choose from

Coming in 3 sizes namely Ergo, Slim and Classic we have a pillow that suits your every need. Take your pick; from the 3, for a pillow that meets your unique requirements.

Wink Brand of Wink Classic memory foam pillow


Memory Foam Pillow


35 % 3,400

Wink Ergo Hypoallergenic Orthopaedic Neck & Back Support Pillow on the Wink pu foam pocket spring Mattress


Memory Foam Pillow


35 % 3,000

Wink slim hypoallergenic stomach sleeper white pillow


Memory Foam Pillow


35 % 3,000

Rest light

We re-engineered the filling to make the pillow as light a feather coupled with a slippery soft slipcover that can be easily washed to retain its texture and feel.

Dream on

With 3 pillows to choose from, we offer personalised solutions for a blissful sleep. Take your pick from our pillows to best suit your individual needs

Committed to memory

Made from hypoallergenic memory foam the pillow remembers you. The soft knit slipcover on the outside gives you the best feeling, everytime.

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