Solid wood furniture is among the things that you prize for authenticity. And it’s of utmost importance that you care for them well. That’s why, we’ve collected all the things you must keep in mind in order to maintain your solid wood furniture well and make it last really long while also keeping it looking young and beautiful!

Wooden Multi Purpose Centre Table

Here are the things you should keep in mind so that you can keep your solid wood furniture well-maintained.

  1. Use coasters on the table (dining tables, side tables, and centre tables) to protect the surface of your table. This will help you avoid any heat damage to the table.
  2. Use tablecloth or dining mats to avoid any spillage of food and beverages on the table.
  3.  Place a glass top on the wooden table to cover its entire surface so that nothing comes in direct contact with the table.
  4. Keep your wood furniture away from direct sunlight as sunlight tends to fade the product quickly.
  5. Keep it away from windows too for raindrops can also damage your furniture in the long run.
  6. Dust your furniture daily to remove fine, or even invisible, dust particles that get deposited on the furniture everyday. Even though your furniture looks clean, ensure you wipe it at least once a day with a soft, dry cloth.
  7. Use a damp cloth to clean your furniture. Wipe it dry immediately so that you don’t let any moisture stay on the surface for long.
  8. Get your furniture polished at regular intervals. You can also use polish to cover minor scratches and injuries to the furniture.
  9. Keep pets away from your solid wood furniture. They inevitably end up scratching the furniture very badly. While leatherette furniture might be able to withstand such scratching, wood is unable to do so.
  10. Use a writing pad while writing something so that your pen does not accidentally cause any scratches on the surface of your table.

Wood feels warm and adds a sense of sophistication to a room. Therefore, solid wood furniture tends to be in great demand. With a little bit of care, you can make it last long and look young.

Wooden Multipurpose Side Table

These tips will help you address most of the common problems you are likely to face regarding solid wood furniture. Being mindful of these alone will take care of your furniture and help you maintain a clean, beautiful home.

You might also want to go for best quality furniture that comes with an assured warranty. So that you don’t have to sweat over maintaining your furniture at all!

Durian offers an unbeatable 5 year warranty over all its furniture – including solid wood furniture.

If you are tired of furniture that is difficult to maintain, talk to our team. We can help you find the right piece of furniture to make home maintenance hassle-free.