Every online furniture store claims to be the best. How will you decide who really is the best of all to buy your furniture from?


Looking at purchasing online can be very confusing. You’ll not be absolutely sure about how the furniture will look or what the furniture material feels like.


The sheer number of options available on multiple websites and apps can demand a lot of your time and energy too.


You can use this blog as a guide to choosing the best online furniture store that can deliver to you in your town.

12 Points to Find the Best Online Furniture Stores


  1. Do thorough research in terms of your requirements: health, ergonomics, etc from a piece you want to buy.

  3. Browse the websites & apps to consider options in design and functionality.

  5. Read the product description carefully: the material, the colour, maintenance etc.
    Honest furniture websites will display all the information correctly – including points
    on ergonomics as benefits, apart from product features.

  7.  Evaluate the number of options different stores are offering to you. Good sites may
    offer a far larger number of options. The variety and number might be an indication
    of their consistent capabilities to manufacture and source more products.

  9. Evaluate the add-ons for functionality that each product comes with. Good online
    furniture shops tend to have experience in highlighting the features that are not
    commonly available.

  11. Check the reviews on the website from previous buyers. Look for any mention of:

    a. Delivery issues
    b. Problems in the quality of the product
    c. Cheating in guarantee & warranty




7. Check the terms of payment (EMI, if available).


8. Compare prices of shortlisted options.


9. Calculate the cost for customization, if any.


10. Shortlist products that can be customized in terms of material, colour, additional
functionality, etc.


11. Look for hidden expenses like delivery charge and shipping charges for returns.


12. Examine the return policy thoroughly. Since you’re buying a piece without examining
it physically, you may end up returning it because of size and space issues. Or you
may be forced to return it because it seems to have been damaged during delivery.


13. Finally, check if the store you’ve shortlisted has a physical store near you. If it does,
you have the advantage of using your online research to go to the store and check
the product for yourself. You’ll also be able to ask questions to the staff in person.

Shopping for furniture on online stores gives you an opportunity to shop from the comfort of your home. You can browse many more pieces than you’d ever be able to examine in brick and mortar stores.


You can use online shops to your advantage. Be alert about these 12 things. Remember you don’t have to look at the products alone, but also at the fine print – as much as is available.


Reputed brands are less likely to cheat you. Broadly sorting your options into well-known brands and not-so-well-known ones will also let you compare well.


Let us know about your online buying experience for furniture.