If the lockdown has left you icky enough to change your furniture at the earliest, we have some exciting facts to share. You may have an apartment with much bigger floor space. You may be a parent of two. It’s time for you to check out a king-size bed for the utmost relaxing sleeping experience of your lifetime.

King-size beds are called the same because they have far more space than any other range of beds. Their huge structure requires a large enough bedroom floor space. It is the best solution for the space crunch you have been feeling for long enough. Let’s find out more about this giant of a bed.

Why do you need a king-size bed?

  1. Biggest width for set sizes: They are 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, thus allowing 16 inches of more space than a queen-size bed.
  2. Enough space for messy sleepers: If you twist and turn a lot during sleep and acquire far more space to spread out (while you dream), then a king-size bed is the perfect choice for you. This allows sufficient space for the more polite sleeper beside you.
  3. Perfect bed for couples: Double-size beds just give enough space necessary for two people to share one bed. A king-size bed provides much more individual space and is thus a healthier option for all couples.

Perfect Bed for couples

Kids love fun. And it is natural that they would want to jump on their beds and play with their parents. While we help children discover their personal space by giving them their own bedrooms after they attain a certain age, having a king-size bed ensures that they can always sneak back in if they have nightmares or just want to stay back late with their parents. This also strengthens the parent-children bond.

One of the most obvious sleeping luxuries of owning king-size beds is getting to use top-notch mattresses. If you are flexible with your budget, then ordering a mattress made completely of memory foam and covered with high-quality cotton saves your body from chemical irritants and gives you a lot of comfort.

Finest Paddding in the Durian Wink Mattresses

If you are feeling lazy enough to get out of your bed on a wintry morning, then the king-size beds are good for lazy breakfasts or snacks. You can even set up your TV in front of the bed and let the whole family huddle together to watch your favourite show.

As true for beds in general, king-size bed frames and headboard are usually made of decay-resistant hardwood, due to which these beds are the most durable of all varieties. Thus, they are good for investments because of their high-quality raw material and durability for a lot longer than the average double-size bed.

King Size Bed

Morris, King Size Bed

How to plan for buying a king-size bed?

  1. Study your budget to save enough for a luxurious king-size bed.
  2. Select the ones you like online and add the products to wish lists for future notification
  3. Keep checking for the best discounts & sales in both retail and online stores to grab the best deal.

A king-size bed calls for a healthy budget. Therefore, this luxury product demands you as a user to consciously assess branding, quality, and other features such as guarantee and warranty periods to get a good deal.

A king-size bed is a staple for luxurious sleeping. The presence of such a bed maximizes the decor of a bedroom. A wise investment in a king-size bed ensures a long life span of the furniture to the extent that it even becomes a family heritage item.

Take your sweet time while researching a king-size bed and let us know your user experience. You can really sleep king-size!