If you are a shop or a showroom owner, you must be wondering about how to attract customers back to your premises.

You do realise that the customers are very worried about hygiene and social distancing for fear of contagion.

Your customers’ concern is your concern too.

Durian has its showrooms all over India. We’ve drafted our own Standard Operation Protocol for customer interaction.

Through this blog, we would like to share what we’ve been planning so that you can find it easier to adapt to the new ways of interacting with the customer. By delivering the same magic and service. Yet ensuring zero contact.

14 Safety Guidelines for Customer Interaction in the Showroom

1. Keep spare masks available at all times for customers for those who want to walk into your shop or showroom.

2. Let your customers pass through a temperature check upon entrance.

3. Help your customers sanitize their hands at the entrance.

taking precaution by sanitizing hands

4. Offer them gloves before they enter further into the showroom or shop.

5. Have your sales staff send the SOP for your end to end process and interaction in the showroom via WhatsApp to your customers.

6. Greet them with a “namaste” instead of a handshake.

7. Train your sales staff to maintain a distance of 2 metres at all times when interacting with your customers.

8. Share the details of your sanitisation process with the customers if needed.

9. Ask your store staff to ensure that the customers are comfortable in their visits. Offer to vacuum the relevant space of the store or wipe the products so that they can examine them better.

10. Send your catalogues, quotations & any details required by your customers through email or WhatsApp.

11. Implement digital payment modes, if not already in place.

Safety guidelines for customer interaction in the showroo

12. Email the bill and the warranty to your customers to ensure a paperless transaction.

13. Serve water to the customers in small disposable water bottles kept at room temperature.

14. Use disposable cutlery instead of reusable type if you’d like to serve refreshments to your customers.

You can use these points as safety policy to give your customers a safe and hygienic shopping experience in your stores.

Let us know what you’ve been doing about enhancing your customers’ shopping experience.