When we buy any furniture we are usually unprepared and therefore, overwhelmed in-store. While making our choices, being informed is essential and that’s why we are putting out a list of seven sofas that you should definitely check out during our sale. Also, the sale is pretty amazing. There’s a good 60% off on many of the products, isn’t that exciting?

Here’s the list:

  1. Louis

Louis is a contemporary leather sofa constructed using solid wood and ply along with zig zag springs, to give it the perfect amount of sturdiness. The choicest of Italian leather upholstery is used in its making, stitched with the supplest cushions. The use of Taupe in Louis helps it to blend with any interior. It comes in 2 as well as 3 seater formats. All in all, it is one of the best bets for your home decor in 2017.

  1. George


George is smart. That’s what everyone says about him. The soft fabric provides the sofa the perfect amount of airiness to it. If you’re looking for a 2 seater with a modern design that provides unparalleled comfort, George is your ma…we mean, sofa!

  1. Harry


If you’re a bachelor then this is the perfect sofa cum bed for you. It’s trendy. It’s smart. It’s good for parties. With a fold or two, it turns into a bed. The sofa comes in a steel grey shade with soft cushioning, assuring superior comfort.

  1. Elizabeth


Elizabeth truly takes us back to the era of Elizabethan glory. The vintage look adds allure to it and gives a royal air to the sofa. This sofa can easily be the centre of attention, when placed in the living room. There are embellishments on the feet of the sofa too. There are great discounts on this sofa during the sale. So hurry up!

  1. Blos:


Blos is a pretty one seater. With a great designs and curves worth dying for, Blos is a fine, fine piece of furniture. It has a curved front which lends it so much grace. Find Blos at the Big Fat Durian Sale.

  1. Omega


Omega will be a fine addition to your living room space. It draws its inspiration primarily from Vintage era design- the exquisite winged platform certainly supports that claim! It is also cushioned in Battleship grey leather with a premium foam finish, thereby giving it a stately look. 

  1. Oliver


All it takes is one look to fall in love with Oliver. It has mild curves with exquisite modern design, giving it a premium feel. The backrest is wonderful and it provides the perfect amount of comfort. Oliver comes in a set of 3 plus 2 or can also be purchased individually as per your choice.

So, these are ten sofas that will definitely infuse some charm into your living room. And the Big Fat Durian Sale is the best time to shop for these. So hurry up and get sofa shopping!