In this age of digital technology, we are hooked to our devices and social networking apps to share what we love and try to showcase the best of what surrounds us. If you love taking photographs and like to share them, you are bound to have an Instagram account with you posting regularly on it. However, on Instagram we also end up seeing such great number of brilliant photographs that others have taken and we aspire to do something likewise. Speaking of sharing from what surrounds us, the first thing that comes to mind is our home. You’d say it’s nice but hardly ‘Instaready’! I’d say it’s not too difficult to take great images of your home and get it ‘Instaworthy’! Here are a few tips :

1.We are always on the run with our hectic schedules, so it would of help to have a minimilistically designed zen like quite corner and yes it would make for a great photograph too.



2.Then there are these cozy corners next to our couches where we tend to have a lampshade or a vase with flowers. Why not spruce them up further with little artifacts that you have bought a long time back from an exhibition or a souvenir from a recent trip (these often lead to fun conversations!).



3.And for the time when you are in the mood for something quirky and filled with fun, you could always add color with some digital printed throw pillows & have pop art frames to add the ‘quirky’ to your rooms.




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