When it comes to making a house a home you tend to take a while. Time to plan, figure out your needs and work at bringing your vision of a dream home to life. These are the 10 commandments to picking the right furniture.

Choose the right Brand

Pick the right Brand that defines you. The difference is in choosing experience and expertise that can stay with you for a lifetime.


Look for Assurance

Be assured that the furniture you buy is future proof. Be assured that your furniture can take care for itself as the years go by. 5 Year warranty


Choose the correct Material

Pick the right material that best caters to your needs. The material maketh the furniture just like manners maketh the man. Shop Furniture


Never Compromise Quality & Durability

Quality with Durability makes a happy home. Come rain, come shine you may change but your furniture stands tall through it all.


Find the right Design

Great design makes a grand impact. Droolworthy in every aspect. All you want to do is pose together for those selfies all day long.


Customise to suit your Style

Customise your furniture so that it works for you and suits your unique style. Dive deep into what defines you and add the final touches to your furniture. Read More


Create your own Look

Let your furniture do all the talking for you. Be the envy of your neighbours with your unique style.


Think about Maintenance

Buy furniture that is easy to maintain with minimal effort. Think of it as a tree thats to be nurtured that gives you happiness as it grows with you.  Furniture Care


Look for Assistance

We all need help sometimes. Imagine someone who is there by your side through it all. Your 4am friend who is just a call away.


Settling anywhere is now easy…

A phone call is all you need to dismantle and ship your furniture onwards onto your next adventure. See Shipping and Delivery