With the vast range of beds available in different styles, types, sizes, and materials, a bed is no longer just a place to unwind after a long day; it’s a statement furniture piece that offers you style and comfort. There is a high possibility of getting carried away by the aesthetic look and forget about the functionality. However, to maintain the synergy between the perfect look for your bedroom, as well as restful sleep, choose your bed wisely considering these essential tips before making your decision.

Consider the users

If you are a nuclear family with a kid sleeping alongside you, consider king size beds. However, measure your bedroom space before making a purchase and make sure it fits comfortably. Queen-size beds make a perfect choice for couples or single users. Whereas, the single beds or sofa cum beds are great options for guest rooms or compact urban spaces.

Consider the bedroom storage requirement

Although the bedroom is primarily used for relaxing, it is a place where we dress and get ready every day. That is where the storage requirement comes into consideration. The amount of storage you want to consider keeping in the bedroom dictates the size of bed one needs to choose. Also, this can be the deciding factor whether you want to choose a storage bed that stores your bedding essentials and seasonal clothing organized and within reach, keeping your bedroom clutter-free. With a wide range of beds available in multiple sizes and storage options, you will be spoilt for choices at Durian Furniture. Our storage beds house a premium hydraulic mechanism and box storage that offers easy access to your bedding storage essentials. However, if storage is not your concern, then our beds without storage will offer you an airy appeal. You can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Plan The Positioning of Bed

A complete bedroom is considered to have bedroom sets including a bed, bedside table, dresser, or more. It’s good practice to measure your room space and plan the placement of your chosen bed in a way that it fits right without overwhelming the decor. 

Pick A Style That Compliments Your Room

Creating a bedroom that looks welcoming and comfortable can be taxing. From mid-century modern bed with intricate detailing to modern and contemporary designer bed with completely upholstered frame, we offer a myriad of designs to choose from. With a number of designs and styles options available in-store and online, you can pick the one that creates harmony between the appearance of each design element in your bedroom. Here’s some bed styles available at Durian Furniture.

Classic & Timeless– Classic beds are timeless and never go out of fashion. This style showcase a mix of intricate details and simple, versatile silhouettes.

Midcentury Modern– Mid-century modern beds are defined by their clean lines, slatted headboards, angular legs, and airy profiles.

Transitional Design– Transitional beds showcase an interplay of classic and contemporary design elements. 

Contemporary Style– Contemporary beds borrow their emphasis on functionality from the modern style. 

Find a suitable headboard

The headboard or bed frame is a focal point for any bed and choosing the right one can add to the visual appeal of your bedroom. The upholstered headboard adds grandeur to modern bedrooms, all while offering luxurious comfort. Wrapped in premium abrasion-resistant velvet, sumptuous fabric, to buttery-soft leatherette, our line of beds with upholstered beds adds a layer of cozy, perfect for modern Indian homes. While the minimal yet refined solid wood and exotic veneer headboards add a timeless appeal. Your lifestyle plays a vital role in deciding the type of headboard to pick for your bed. For those who enjoy late-night reading or watching favourite shows before going to bed, an upholstered headboard makes a perfect choice. 

Quality is the key to longevity

Premium quality material plays a vital role when it comes to the endurance of furniture. We, at Durian Furniture, are committed to using high-quality base material and upholstery to craft beds that last you for years to come and brings you the quality that is a cut above the rest.

Make sure it fits your bedroom

Measure space around the bed to ensure unhindered traffic flow. It’s also important to factor in space for the bedroom doors, closets, and drawers to open without any obstacles. There should be at least two feet of walking space around your bed, so you have space to move and change the bedding. Allow space for any nightstands, lighting, and other bedroom furniture as needed. 

Can’t wait to bring home your dream bed? Consider exploring our coveted range of beds available in various styles, designs, sizes, and materials. From timeless solid wood beds, printed fabric beds to completely upholstered beds, we have it all for you.