Doors are much more than mere entrances to your homes. They are a gateway into your life. They open up letting people into your world. They are of prime importance in our lives. Our doors are our guards, our shields that protect us from the world outside.


There are so many interesting occasions where doors become the heroes of our entire home architecture. Be it welcoming the bride at home for the very first time or breaking the coconut at the entrance during the Griha Pravesh ceremony (when you enter the house for the first time), everything starts at the door.


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Doors are actually an integral part of all our celebratory moments. Be it surprising someone with a gift or a bouquet, the moment the doorbell rings we jump with excitement and rush to welcome happiness.


Beautiful rangolis are made at the door to mark Diwali celebrations welcoming prosperity and good luck into our homes. Even Christmas and Eid celebrations are incomplete without putting up decorative wreaths at the door. All the festivities begin from the door. It’s a gateway to various happy experiences.




Doors are also associated with energy flows. According to Vastu Shastra, the main doors should always be in north, north-east, east, or west directions. South is not recommended. Various energies flow from into the house through the door, so it’s crucial to have an auspicious direction for the door.


Some of the most exciting moments also take place at the door. Like when you order something online and you know it’s going to be delivered. As soon as the doorbell rings you jump with joy to receive your parcel.





Doors are also a witness to all the aartis that take place while welcoming guests after a long time.


Doors are definitely much more than a piece of furniture. They have seen us tired after a long day’s work, excited awaiting guests for a party, sad while bidding a farewell or happy on seeing our surprise gifts from loved ones.


When something becomes the gateway to our world, that thing becomes special. Doors are special in every way. Right from shielding us to celebrating with us, they do all of it perfectly well. We cannot imagine our homes without doors for sure.


Very rarely, we realise the role an inanimate object plays in our lives. But it’s essential to understand that the inanimate object stands by us and participates in our journey subtly yet significantly.