Celebrating brides, grooms, and love is just about everyone’s cup of tea. Undoubtedly weddings give most of us the warm fuzzy feeling that makes everything in the world seem perfect for a while. That said, gifting the couple can be a rather mind-boggling affair. On one hand you want to give a gift that’s both memorable and spectacular and on the other hand, you’re faced with the ugly truth that all good things come at a price. So how do you go about zeroing on wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom? What ingredients make up the best wedding gifts ever? While marriage gift lists may differ from couple to couple based on their preferences and many other factors, here’s our take on how to choose a wedding gift that will not only stand out but will also leave the couple pleasantly surprised.

Make their house feel like home.


Once married, the newly-weds are bound to move into a space of their own. From little home enhancements, décor items, to fancy rugs and drapes, every element added takes it closer to becoming a cozy place that they can relax and feel comfortable in. It really helps to think about what you know about the bride and groom’s likes and interests as you can even incorporate them into whatever unique wedding gift ideas you’re browsing through. Keeping with the spirit of the wedding season, you can even look at joining with other family members or close friends and gift them a holiday package, spa package or entertainment package. Adding to the list of packages is also an unconventional idea of a furniture package that can furnish any one room like their living or bedroom.

Mark their union with a grand gesture


If you’re attending a wedding in your family or of your friends, it is crucial to present them with a special yet useful gift. The newly-wed couple needs a lot of essential items to start their fresh life and thus making your gift useful to them is extremely essential.  Gift them something that will be close to their hearts, cherished by them and at the same time adds convenience to their new life. Instead of scouring regular gifting options, go for something big. Something as big as the packages that would furnish their entire house be it 1BHK or 2BHK.

Say it with Decor


Finally, décor is a staple for every home. Plus, the couple will think about you every time they see it. The key, of course, is to pick an item that symbolizes something special like your relationship, a happy memory, or one of their interests. It only works as a bonus that if you do some good research, you’ll find they aren’t exorbitantly priced. In fact, our décor section has a wholesome assortment of ornamental pieces, lamps, mirrors, etc. all of which can accessorize any part of the house in a beautiful manner and convey your love.