It’s likely you’ve heard ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ – lockdown or no lockdown, home or office.

Since we have to remain seated for working and most of it is on computers these days, our sit-in periods have maximized. This is affecting all health-wise. So it’s compared to smoking.

If you do not have the option to take frequent breaks, what you can, is sit correctly and an ergonomic chair helps you there and is growingly indispensable. Today style is secondary and functionality or benefits offered through ergonomic design is primary.

 Let us help you here with 5 ways to gauge the health benefits of ergonomic chairs.

1. Comfortable seating

Ergonomic chairs let you sit on the seat resting the feet on the floor.

Cushioning is soft and sturdy, with a built-in seat height adjuster which causes you to rest your feet flat on the ground easily.

The seat pan is generally 12 inches deep and such that on sitting there is a gap between the edge of the seat and back of your knees to release pressure off your knee back muscles.

Health benefit: Proper cushioning of the seat supports the hips, eliminate fatigue, and solve low back pain issues.

2) Resting the back and head.

Headrests are generally separate from backrests, i.e., they come in 2 pieces.

Backrests are supportively designed following spinal curvature.

resting the back and head

Jordon: High Back Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Health benefit: Ergonomic chairs offer back and headrests which aid and add to solving neck sprains, fatigue and help avoid diseases like spondylosis, headaches, eye issues as well.

Resting of the arms and elbow

 3) Resting of the arms and elbow.

Armrests of ergonomic chairs are sturdy and adjustable height-wise, ideally 3inches (ca. 8 cm).

Health benefit: This benefits elbows and arms, eliminating any hangs of the elbows. Otherwise, if the elbows do not get rest, the shoulders get fatigued. This transfers fatigue from the arms to the spine via shoulder blades.

4) Posture correction.

Today chairs are designed so well that in some instances chairs automatically help you to correct your posture and even if you sit incorrectly it will cause discomfort and immediately remind and compel you to sit correctly.

Health benefit: It’s a chair that makes you mindful about the posture you sit in.

5) Overall comfort. 

Ergonomic chairs come fabricated with a combination of metal, polyeutherine, and natural fabric.

Such fabrication reduces sweating, cleaning hassles, and the dead weight of the chair too.

This increases portability and ease of small shifting movements on wheels.

Health benefit: You get a light-weight chair that you don’t have to drag and you don’t have to strain your back to reach out to something.

Take a look at the examples of healthy ergonomic chairs on our website to understand how to decide, what to look for, and have the optimum.

We hope knowing these health benefits of ergonomic chairs helps you take the right purchase decision.