When you think of doors, do you think of just brown, brown, light brown, brown and dark brown? In this blog, we’ll help you expand your color options so that you can create a grand, impressive entryway for your home.

Colors speak a lot about your personality. And your choice of colors also speaks a lot about the personality of your home. 

When renovating or making a home, the first thoughts are given to the interiors – the walls, the textiles, and the furniture. These, very rightly, ought to complement each other well. 


Home Renovation

We think it is equally important to pay attention to the exterior face of your door. When people look at your home, essentially, they first look at your door.

You can use colors to exude “your” kind of vibes to your guests and visitors and to yourself when you enter home. The color of your door is very likely to change the personality of your home itself by priming you and your guests as they enter into “your” zone, your heaven, your den.

While there are millions of colors out there, let’s look at three broad types of colors that can help you narrow down to a choice you are comfortable with so that you are not stuck with brown!

  • The Pale Colors


Pale colors – grey, white, blue – convey that you like serenity. That you can counted on for being calm, that you can be really patient. And these are beautiful values to inspire others with too. 

Be cautioned that these colors require a lot of maintenance for protection from stains but that’s the point of it all! You are willing to nurture these light colors because they speak to your world view. If you really like them, you surely don’t mind a little effort that goes into their shine.

  • The Dark Colors


Think black, bold blue, and even red here. These are the colors that communicate a willingness to make a statement, to show that you are very serious and not to be taken lightly! These colors quite openly convey your style and luxury. 

If you choose any of these colors, you’ll be sending a message that you like things that are sophisticated.


  • The Quirky Colors

Exotic greens, yellow, and even orange fit into the quirky kingdom of colors. These colors say that you are fun loving and experimental. That you are always willing to stand out from the crowd, and thus also are willing to get out of your comfort zone.


These colors are quite peppy, and, let’s not forget, very memorable. That’s why they let you make a strong statement about yourself.

Every color has a psychological effect. It primes people towards certain kinds of ambience and makes a statement about your taste and home.

Make sure you pick the one that goes with your mindset and preferences. For interesting options that Durian has to offer, visit www.durian.in to explore our catalog for more mesmerizing designs.