The workplace environment is far more important than you realize. Durian’s SMART series is the best solution for your workplace because it adds functionality and ergonomics to your office design. Let’s find out more.

The décor, facilities, furniture and the environment help you provide the energy to work throughout the day productively. If you find trouble adjusting to our chairs, desks or even the Centre table for vital meetings, you lose time, energy and your efficiency drops fast.


An ideal assortment of office furniture can help you stay mobile, energized and motivated throughout the day as you stay engaged with work. 

Durian’s SMART series has been designed keeping in mind what you need for your office so that your team can contribute efficiently and effectively to your projects.

The New Workplace

In the new workplace, you need to give a lot of freedom to work to your team.

  •       Ability to be Agile
  •       Enabling collaborative work
  •       Compact: More storage in less space  
  •       Customizable 
  •       User-friendly
  •       Easy to relocate.

You need to eliminate a lot of unwanted, redundant things so that everyone stays focused and positive.


Presenting Durian’s SMART series

Durian has designed SMART series keeping in mind your need to put your organization and projects first.

Furnishing your office with Durian’s SMART series a resource, you get access to: 

  •     Enhanced productivity 
  •     Enabling ease of use 
  •     Ergonomic design 
  •     Sophisticated looks 
  •     Optimization of workspace 
  •     Smart wire management system 
  •     Balance between workplace privacy & collaborative tasks


Cabin table


With a stunning interplay of walnut and frosty white colors, the SMART cabin table comes with inclined design legs for better placement.  

Coupled with a cabinet having ample storage space and an ergonomic chair to freely move around for that file lying in the far left corner, this cabin table is vital for someone who likes to work independently.


Conference table


The prelam table top is spacious enough for a group of 10 people. 

A metal flip top cover with brush allows the wire from different devices to stay covered and de-clutter the table top. Metal raceway and Junction box allow easy wiring and stop wire from different devices from getting entangled. 

As a result, meetings start and end on time without unnecessary hassle, thanks to the SMART conference table.


Linear Workstations


Durian’s cluster workstation can seat 1, 2, 4 and even 6 people in a cleverly optimized space. This linear setup fits any office floor space. Barring the cluster for 1 person, each of these workstations have back painted glass dividers for partition. All of these workstations have mobile pedestals of 3 drawers. Available in 2 colours: Bavarian Beech and Red over a frosty white base.


Meeting Room Table


With Asian maple as the prelam and white metal, this SMART round table is meant for the short yet necessary team meetings. It is endowed with inclined design legs for sturdy foundation.


The Promise of Durian Quality

This SMART series comes with the usual Durian promise of:

  1. Prompt, free delivery and installation 
  2. Quality and certifications
  3. Built as per safety standards
  4. Tested for bloating, tensile strength, stress, & load capacity


For any inquiries, reach out to the Durian store near you and welcome new ideas for your better office.