10 Isolation-Friendly Things to Do at home

It is very stressful when you get up in the morning and see the numbers increasing! So to make things better for you and appreciate that you are staying at home with your family as a precautionary measure is...



10 Home New Year’s Resolutions

“Home is where your heart is” Every year a new chapter of life kicks off, but are you still struggling with the same home resolution. It’s time to bring the change in yourself along with your home. In the...



How to Decorate a Dinner Table like a Pro

“The secret ingredient is always Love.” It’s the year-end and the holiday season, where it is all about hosting dinners and parties at home. But let’s have some simple tips to look at which will work out doe a...



5 Excellent workplace wellness ideas

When it comes to workplace wellness, we all go blank or connect it with a vacation. Of course, vacations help but you can’t be approving leaves now and then. Employee wellbeing doesn’t always come with a cost. Some free...

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