10 Home New Year’s Resolutions

“Home is where your heart is” Every year a new chapter of life kicks off, but are you still struggling with the same home resolution. It’s time to bring the change in yourself along with your home. In the...



10 Balcony Décor Ideas

Having an outdoor space of your own is like a dream for people living in city apartments; even a small balcony is a blessing to have. But if you have a balcony then you should make it an extended...



10 Extraordinary Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Your bedroom is a place which is personal and usually not seen by anyone but that shouldn’t stop you from decorating it. Bedroom décor represents your style and persona which helps you escape from the daily chaos. It doesn’t...


Living Rooms

5 Festive Home Decor Ideas for Diwali

The festive season is here again and with it comes Diwali spirit of cleaning, rearranging and buying new stuff for home! Home décor captures the essence of celebration and everyone plans for an ultra-festive make-over which truly reflects the...


Living Rooms

Perfect Pairings for Your Living Room

There is a reason why it is called a living room because it is indeed the first space you style with perfect décor and living room furniture, then the same theme you implement in the other rooms. It’s all...

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