Are you short of space when it comes to arranging your space and keeping your clothes and accessories organized? We know wardrobes are a challenge. In this blog, we share with you 5 amazing ideas that will help you create an open wardrobe while also keeping it aesthetically appealing to your overall décor.

 Wardrobes are a necessity. You need ample space to keep your belongings organized. The challenge is that as time passes, you buy more stuff or get stuff gifted by family and friends. 

 So the question is: how to create more space so that you don’t have to throw away anything?

Another question is: if you stay in an unfurnished rented apartment, where do you keep your things? You may not be able to buy a wardrobe for your temporary stay. So, you need some inspiration for keeping your things sorted – so that your space does not look messy.


Presenting…. Open wardrobe ideas. 

Open wardrobes are not necessarily walk-in closets that are fancier to have.  These are wardrobes that let you proudly and creatively display your sense of fashion.

Open wardrobes let you create a dedicated zone in a room to keep everything in general. You can also dedicate a space to them for displaying particular things.

open wardrobe ideas


These 5 examples below will show you how.


  1.   Portable Wardrobe with Wheels

Portable wardrobes with wheels are inspired by the way clothes are displayed in shopping malls. 

Essentially, you need to get one of those open shelves with wheels so that you can push the wardrobe around. A basic one will give you some hanger space to hang your clothes as well as two racks to keep your folded clothes.


  1.   Display walls for Wardrobe

If you can create some shelves on the walls, you can turn the entire wall into a display area. You can keep all your bags or all your shoes there creatively to make it a display.

display walls for wardrobe

  1.   Hanger Space over Desks or Shelves

If you have low shelves or drawers in the room, or if you have a huge desk with drawers that you can attach to a wall, it can also let you create an open wardrobe.

All you have to do is to arrange for a hanger bar above it on the wall and it will become your wardrobe snuggly fitted into a wall space.


  1.   Floating Hangers

A bar or a rod used to create a hanging space is something that you can create after improvising anything you may have at home – a pipe, an old rod and so on.


  1.   Wardrobe on a Ladder

This one is quirky. Grab a ladder and create hooks in different places around the different steps for you to keep different things.

If you can get hold of two ladders, then you can improvise by putting a floating hanger in between. 

You’ll find yourself creating a mall-like display wardrobe and you’ll have the satisfaction of creating it out of your own initiative.


Simple things around you can be very efficient at satisfying your basic needs. These open wardrobe ideas will surely help you create your own display zones out of your surroundings. They’ll help you come across as creative not just with your fashion but with your sense of displaying that fashion too.


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