What’s upholstery you say? It’s just the technical term used for the top most layer or cover for the cushions in a Sofa. Upholstery is derived from the word upholder which refers to a businessman or trader who held up his goods for sale. Upholstery refers to padding webbing and covering of sofas and couches. Have a look…

1.       Leather

Leather is all natural. Its got the same beautiful traits as us. It ages and grows with you. Plus it looks fantastic, just saying..  Shop Leather


2.       Nappa Aire

Nappa is put together used leather. This leather is just as good as leather and pocket friendly as well.Shop Nappa Aire


3.       Leatherette

Made by man, Leatherette is the most versatile material that’s the best to maintain.Shop Leatherette


4.       Fabric

Fabric is the pop of colour you need in your sofa. Prints and colours are the best in fabric that provide a unique style to a sofa Shop Fabric


5.       Experience the magic

Once the sofa gets done up, experience the magic of having your very own custom made Sofa.