Homes look elegant when items are thoughtfully placed rather than casually strewn about.  In order to create a sophisticated-looking space, simplify your styling. Here are a few tips to make your home feel like a luxury suite.

1) Give your room a striking makeover

If you’re planning to upgrade how your house looks, it should be the way you choose your furniture. A modish living room design furniture is always a smart choice. Layer the leather sofa with some soft decorative cushions to create a lush space.

Living Room Design Furniture

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2) Let the material do the talking

A room where all the furniture is ordinary and clean will definitely fall flat. To add interest to your room, use a variety of materials like the walnut or oak wood for the king bed to make your bedroom set look elegant.

Bedroom Set Furniture

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3) Add antiques

Placing a few antiques help add a luxe look to any room. Apart from the solid wood wardrobes that occupy the space, having a lamp on the side table and some wall hangings will help make the room look refined.

Antiques For Living Room

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4) Create vignettes

Don’t just place items on your bookshelf to fill the space. Create impressive vignettes on every surface – the impact is exceptional. Also place some fresh flowers that will instantly lift the mood of the room. Make sure that you use bouquets full of lush to add the classy element to your room.

Create Vignettes

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5) Custom bedroom treatments

There’s nothing like a luxurious hybrid mattress that fits your bedroom’s queen bed  perfectly to make the room look bespoke and graceful. If the goal is to make the room look more stylish, add some curvy items like a sofa-cum-bed  or a leather sofa to sum up the look.

Queen Bed Online

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6) Follow the rule of threes

The Rule of Threes says that “things that come in threes are more effective than other number of things“ and it is true in redecorating your house. Having said that, a designed sofa set along with a centre table and a chair would make a perfect set for your house.

Sofa Set Online

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It’s all about adorning your home with furniture that is attractive. If you are looking to give your house a luxurious makeover, there’s no better way to do so than getting the best deals on furniture at the Big Fat Durian Sale!