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Tag: 8 Reasons Why Recliners Are Your Best Investment

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Guide to Choosing Best Online Furniture Stores in Town

Every online furniture store claims to be the best. How will you decide who really is the best of all to buy your furniture from?   Looking at purchasing online can be very confusing. You’ll not be absolutely sure about how the furniture will look or what the furniture material feels like.   The sheer […]

3min read
Jun 3, 2020

How to Brief Your Supplier about Product Specifications

Perhaps you need large supplies once in a while. Or maybe you keep talking to suppliers and feel disappointed with what you get each time you switch to another supplier. Here are a few broad pointers that may help you in thinking about how to brief your supplier.    Who will be end user of […]

3min read
Apr 25, 2020
Durian Catalina door room scene

7 Main Door Designs for Homes to Inspire You

A home’s entrance sets the stage for what lies beyond, creating the first impression for guests and a welcoming sight for residents. The main door’s design is crucial in shaping a home’s aesthetic appeal and character. It plays a pivotal role in conveying the home’s style, from timeless classics that evoke warmth and elegance to […]

6min read
Oct 13, 2021
precation in office while working

How to Reopen Your Office Safely with the Right Furniture after Lockdown

A Bangalore-based IT company was looking for reopening office premises. But they wanted to operate only as per the recommended safety norms that included maintenance of social distancing. The same firm had previously bought workstations from us. This time too the Purchase Manager of the company approached us for office solutions. They wanted to get […]

3min read
Sep 30, 2020

How to Help Your Team Adapt to New Sanitation in Office

If you are a CEO, manager, leader, you’ll need to have a new Standard Operating Procedure to take care of everyone’s safety. It should cover all measures for ensuring sanitation and well-being. While these measures were taken for granted earlier, they should be everyone’s priority now. Everyone should be alert about chances of contagion and […]

3min read
Aug 14, 2020