Will it Fit? A simple guide to how stuff fits…

big ideas in small spaces.

Purchasing large furniture is both a science and an art. The art part comes into play when you have to choose what you love and whether it fits in with your other furniture. The science part comes with confusing mathematics and problematic calculations. Will it fit in my space, through the door ?

Here are 7 things to understand how furniture will fit into your space

  1. Measure it

Measure the heights and widths (A,B) and the clearance (C). Don’t forget any other obstacles, such as

ceilings, unremovable lighting fixtures, stairwell banisters, and tight turns.


  1. See if it Fits

Make sure that the width of the furniture piece is less than the entry dimensions A or C and the

diagonal depth is less than D.


  1. Tape it

Tape the floor to mark out the space where your furniture will fit in.


  1. Visualise it.

Visualise your furniture by placing your old boxes in that space to get an idea of what it will look like…



  1. What about other stuff? How will it fit?

Certain items aside, most of our furniture comes flat packed. Stress free, hassle free.

These units can go anywhere anyhow, just leave it up to us.


  1. Worried that the sky is falling?

Don’t you worry, we are just a call away. If you’re Still not convinced we will come over and give you a

tailored solution for your space.


7. #Jugaad

A solution for just about anything under the sky. Our think tank comes up with new and different

solutions to get furniture to its home. Every now and then we have a eureka moment!