5 Things to do before your furniture comes…

You’re excited, you’re anxious waiting in anticipation for the day your new sofa arrives along with your coffee table and the bed you’ve been dreaming about since you saw it at the furniture store.  The stage has been set and the place has been vacated for the newest addition to your home. The many, many hours you have spent being Monica to plan on keeping the new sofa inline with the center table; not an inch here not a centimetre there, is finally going to pay off.

To avoid the hustle bustle here are 5 nifty things you can do before your furniture comes in.

1.      Track your furniture.

Track your furniture easily by logging into your account. The  linear timeline allows you to track your parcel in real time. Contact your nearest store to know the status of your products progress.  Log in for awesomeness


  1. Do you need to arrange for time off?

With flexible delivery you don’t need to worry about being away from home. A suitable time is arranged for delivery from our end.  A call will be placed to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Don’t worry we won’t spam you…

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3.      Don’t keep stuff handy. (Just relax…)

It’s on us. You sit back and relax. Preferably with the tele. Flexible delivery and free installation are offered with products so that you don’t have to do anything. Read More


4.      Make room for your furniture.

Keep the area you want to place your furniture open so that it’s easy to assemble and install. Make an inviting space to welcome the newest addition to your family! Know More


5.      Throw a welcoming party!!

You’ve got to get the party started with all your old furniture getting spruced up for the new or bid adieu to some veterans to #enrichalife (We take care of this too… you just have to bring us the old furniture). Bring out the party poppers and favors and have some fun while you’re at it!

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