Different people own different kinds of things. Take stock of the number of members in your family and their belongings before you invest in a wardrobes. There are 3 broad styles of organizing everything that you must keep in mind while placing an order for your wardrobe. 

Whether you are getting a wardrobe designed for one specific room/use or for the full family, refer to these patterns of keeping everything clutter free. So that you find things easily when you want them.

Just as you pay attention to the texture or look and feel of your wardrobe to match it with your décor, do be mindful of whether the carcass of your wardrobe helps you stay organized. 

Here are 3 examples of wardrobe carcasses to help you visualize how each of these addresses your needs.

 1. Women friendly Includes:
  • Shelves of different size
  • Small drawers for jewelley
  • Broad chests for privacy
  • Racks with hanger space


This wardrobe carcass is a good example of a women-friendly wardrobe. It is sensitive to the different kinds of things women own and the need to arrange them separately.

     2. Kid conscious Includes:
  • Fewer racks
  • Limited hanger space
  • Broad Drawers
  • Chests


This wardrobe carcass is a good example of a kid-friendly wardrobe. Depending on your children’s age, you may want them to reach out for their things on their own.

The chests ensure that their things don’t fall with things spilling into other areas.

     3. Gentlemanly Includes:
  • Fewer racks
  • More hanger space
  • Fewer chests
  • Fewer & smaller racks


This wardrobe carcass is a good example of a men-friendly wardrobe. It is sensitive to the  things men generally own: coats, jackets, blazers etc. More hanger space ensures things are easily accessible without damaging the ironing.

Whichever wardrobe type you choose, keep in mind the height of the primary user. That will very likely impact your choice of wardrobe carcass.

Lastly, do make the best out of the wardrobe design you’ve chosen to make it a lot more functional and creative at the same time.

Do share your wardrobe carcass ideas and your fun ideas of organizing things creatively.