Work from home is made complete with the right desk. It gives you a dedicated workspace and helps you get into a work mode. Getting into work mode is especially important because most people tend to feel that they are not at their most productive at home. The realization that you are getting into work mode can drive you to focus better and get more things done. The problem might be that you may not have focused on optimizing your home space as a space for working. Now is the right time to invest in your own work space at home. Let’s show you how to do just that with the help of a work from home desks.

Here are 4 work from home desks that will make your workspace more comfortable.

1. Alston

Alston is a multifunctional table. The top is smooth to touch so that you can keep all your things (including your laptop) safely.

It has a spacious drawer and a shelf for storage. You can use them to keep your things organized and clutter-free.

Alston: Work From home desk

Its walnut brown color and matte finish not only give it an elegant look but also let it fit well into the décor you have at home. So you don’t have to worry about an odd item spoiling the harmony of your room.

It’s a contemporary styled piece – adorable for the way it brings design, good looks, and practicality together.

2. Delrick

Delrick is a bright desk. It looks luxurious too. It has spacious, open shelves so that you can spot your things easily and put them away quickly.

Delrick: Work from home desk

You can use it for different purposes: study desk, office table, or a computer table.

3. Juda

Juda is a breakaway from the outdated designs. Its shape is eye catching and elegant.

Juda: Work from home desk

It is designed to give you ample space for storage and It’s a subtle L-shaped table that fits well into a corner to maximize the space you have.

Thanks to its contemporary style and practical design, it’s become a favorite of the new generation remote workers.

Its whiteness adds to its formal, classy appeal – a thing people you would be happy to welcome to your home.

4. Barkley

Barkley is fashionably sleek. It looks trendy and comes handy for all the practical purposes it serves.

Barkley: Work from home desk

The white and walnut brown color combo gives it a happy, contrasting look.

Its shelves and drawers will come in handy for all your storage needs too.

Each of these desks has ample leg space for you to stretch especially when you work long hours.

Note that all the desks are made from premium quality engineered wood. What makes Durian desks preferable to other desks is the 5 year warranty they come with. You would not want anything less than a desk that comes with a promise of premium quality into your home.

Moreover, each of these 4 desks is unbelievably easy to maintain and No elaborate cleaning required. Just wipe with a damp cloth and you get a sparkling new desk each time.

Confused about which desk to go for? Or would like to see more options? Get in touch with us to get a personalized recommendation for your space, requirement and budget.