A couple walked into one of our showrooms to find a bed they could be delivered to them. Easy and simple. 

They thought they would pick one and it would arrive. 

However, the minute they began talking to our sales executive, they realised picking a bed is not a straightforward process.

What we asked them:

We first understood their requirements, needs, and priorities. We also wanted to understand their lifestyle in a broad sense. We asked them what issues they were facing with the current bed they had. After all, they hadn’t newly arrived in the city without any furniture.

What we found:

The couple was looking at buying a bed for their second home. They were, at that time, sharing the space with their parents in Delhi. We found that they:

  • Were both working 
  • Loved to read and sometimes worked till late in their room
  • Had a sense of style was contemporary and wanted to change the décor of their home to give it a look of Indianness or Indian festivals 
  • Were fond of the way solid wood looks and were looking forward to buying something that lasts longer 

About the space:

After we got to understand them and their taste, we got to understand what kind of space they had. We found that the room was a little tight – based on the dimensions they shared.

What We Recommended:

We studied their requirements and helped them shortlist options for a queen sized bed called Mark One. This was because:

  • It would give them enough space to easily accommodate side tables on both sideswhat-we-recommended
  • Its side table has one drawer and one open shelf to keep books, laptops, etc.
  • It has a headboard that exudes a sense of luxury and the lights at the headboard work for functionality of reading and working as well


  • Its white body gives a sense of lightness and does not overpower the room
  • It has under bed storage – with hydraulic so it can be lifted without moving the mattress and without hurting the user’s back. Because space was a slight constraint, the storage feature was a bonus.


The Delivery:

Both the husband and the wife were working. So, the delivery was done after work hours. We took care that they do not compromise on their work schedule. 

As a young couple, they were not comfortable with complete payment. We offered them flexible payment options.


Six months later, the husband got a transfer in Bangalore. They called us: we dismantled and packed their furniture our way to ensure no damage occurs. The bed was reassembled in Bangalore by the Durian team there – free of charge as per our meticulous standards.

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