Durian is an idea about home.

Home is where the heart is- one of the best ways to express not the word but the feeling called ‘home’. A place which oozes comfort. A space of your own, created by you, and designed as per your taste. One of our basic necessities, built and set up with years of our hard work, a home, implies to a great extent, who we are as a person.

At the end of a weary day, it is only the comfort of our homes that can help us to rejuvenate ourselves. The present lockdown situation that we are all facing has reiterated the fact that there is no place safer than home.

A home is where the entire family comes together, not only to dine and sleep but to create life long memories.

Why Durian Is the Most Trusted Choice for Furniture

A comfortable home automatically makes one lead a peaceful and comfortable life. Small or big, each one of us would want our homes to be as premium as possible.

At Durian, we help design and build furniture of superior quality which makes your home a premium home.

With over 30 years of experience in designing homes (not houses), Durian has become synonymous with creating value and trust.

When one thinks of Durian furniture, the word premium automatically comes to one’s mind. Customer-centric approach, premium quality, and value creation are the core attributes of Durian, which together with many other attributes, make Durian the most trusted choice for all your furniture needs.

Let us walk you through Durian’s legacy. To help you become familiar with why Durian is the most trusted brand.

  1. Expertise in design:

We have had decades of experience in crafting furniture and creating beautiful spaces. Every piece of furniture that we create for you, is made with utmost care keeping in mind your comfort and choice.

The expertise of our designers will ensure that your home is designed in such a way that your home would be the place you would never want to leave.

  1. Best in class manufacturing:

Durian is a vertically integrated company. The entire process from sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing to the final stage of sales, is handled in an organized and efficient way at Durian.


Smooth integration of manufacturing, distribution sales, and customer delight at Durian has been possible due to the adoption of technology. Technology is what drives our company.

  1. Made in India:

Durian fits into the vision of the Government of India. Durian is completely an Indian company with Indians behind its foundation. We manufacture our products in India. We have not only created beautiful spaces for Indians but we have also created a lot of work opportunities for locals in India.


Why choose another, when you have your own local people who can do better work for you? Choose Durian and play your part in making Bharat Aatma Nirbhar! Refer Durian and be Vocal about being Local!

  1. Premium Quality:

Durian is synonymous with quality. The quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us. Our product goes through a series of Lab Tests to ensure safety and quality. We engage ourselves with only those suppliers who meet our rigorous standards so as to maintain the quality of the products that we manufacture.

To make life easy for our employees, we also maintain high standards of safety and hygiene. The quality of our product does not only reflect how premium it is but it also speaks volumes about the expertise of our designers.

The attention that we pay to the minutest of detail of each of our products has helped us to build a reputation for ourselves over the years. At Durian, quality is stressed on, right from sourcing of raw materials till the completion of the finished product.

  1. Incomparable Warranty:

We enable the creation of beautiful spaces that can be cherished over time. We believe that our furniture would stand the test of endurance. We have so much faith in the quality of products made by us, that we stand behind every product made by us, giving you peace of mind and satisfaction.

Each of our products comes with an unmatched 5-year warranty.  Made by us, covered by us!

  1. Adaptability:

Durian has been adapting itself quickly to new ideas and innovations. When the idea of modular furniture arrived, Durian implemented it quickly.

When it comes to creating new designs, Durian takes the lead.

We were among the earliest ones to apply the idea of ergonomics to furniture when users hadn’t even heard about it

    7. Sustainable Product:

Durian believes in maintaining ethical business practices and is a certified member of SEDEX for ethical manufacturing. We are GREENGUARD, ISO, and ISI certified and create standardized and quality products.

    8. Customer First:

Durian has always kept up with the dynamic needs of its customers. We have evolved our product lines as per our customer needs. We provide easy payment options to our customers.

A person is paying from credit card

Our flexi delivery policy ensures that we deliver your ordered furniture to you at your convenient time. We are proud to say that we have around 2.8 million happy customers.


    9. Unmatched after-sales service

Our Pan India presence enables us to provide you unmatched after-sales service. Timely delivery of ordered products, zero contact delivery, free installation, following up with customers to ensure that they are satisfied, are some of the after-sales services offered by us.

These are some reasons why Durian is synonymous with trust. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to create beautiful spaces for you with the optimum blend of design, quality, and durability for your home!

Durian is home.