If you think your interior decorator has not done justice to the overall aesthetic of your home space then we have a host of ideas that can uplift the look and feel of your home.

Follow these instructions and within a week’s time the look for your home or office to have a brand new look!

Take Out Those Paint Brushes

Give contrast to your walls. Use a 2-2.5 inches brush to first apply a layer of Furniture primer on old Stools or Wooden Chairs or Side Tables. Then select the perfect mix of colors or one single color, of your choice to paint a completely new look.

Take Out Those Paint Brushes

Get a boho look for your room with this simple DIY trick

All you need is some colorful thread and yarn to make vibrant Dream-Catchers to hang on your window pane or the wall above your bed. It is supposed to have this unique mystical attribute which in turn perks up the overall aesthetic of the room.

Simple DIY trick

Use old CDs and DVDs and Make Home Art Out Of Them!

Collect old Music CDs, DVDs & Vinyl Records & use them as unconventional home decor items to re-decorate your empty walls. Create a funky Digital Pattern by simply pasting them together on the desired wall or cut them up into small geometric shapes using a pair of scissors, paste them on the most unconventional items you think could add a different vibe to your room.

Use old CDs and DVDs

Did you know- you can use a Grater not only in the kitchen but on your dressing table as well?/h2>

It’s time to use your worn out kitchenware for some creative room decor solutions. Get the grater from your kitchen and clean it up. Next, paint it bright and glossy using spray paint. Let it dry for a while and voila- you have a pretty earring-holder!

Use a Grater

Keep losing your Apartment or your Car keys? Not any more!

Cut old Tennis Balls using a blade or a sharp cutter, only at the lower edge for about an inch and a half, to use as a holder for earphones, hand towels or keys. Paste them up on your door or on a Pinboard. Paste eyes above the cut to give it the cute cartoon look.

Tennis Ball as key holder

So why hire an interior designer when you can put your innovative mind & artistic fingers to work to redesign your apartment. With all these funky ideas you cannot help but get all artsy.

So start revamping and share pictures of the same with us too!