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Tag: French Doors

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Durian Catalina door room scene

7 Main Door Designs for Homes to Inspire You

A home’s entrance sets the stage for what lies beyond, creating the first impression for guests and a welcoming sight for residents. The main door’s design is crucial in shaping a home’s aesthetic appeal and character. It plays a pivotal role in conveying the home’s style, from timeless classics that evoke warmth and elegance to […]

6min read
Oct 13, 2021
5 Ways of Creating Inspiring Entryways

5 Ways Of Creating Inspiring Entryways

Updating your doors might not be the first thing on your home decor list, however, they are the most crucial part of your space when it comes to creating an impression.  In this blog, we will explore 5 simple ways to create entryways that put time on a standstill. Ceiling High Doors If you have […]

3min read
May 19, 2022
Why You Need Sound-Proof Doors for Your Home

Why You Need Sound-Proof Doors for Your Home

There is nothing more embarrassing than your private conversations leak out because you have a hollow door. After all no one would want anyone else to know about their private talks or overhear their conversations. Hence, pay good attention to the quality of your doors. Whether your door is sound-proof or not matters a lot […]

4min read
May 12, 2021
Sterling long handle

In India, what role do doors play on certain occasions? – Durian

Doors are much more than mere entrances to your homes. They are a gateway into your life. They open up letting people into your world. They are of prime importance in our lives. Our doors are our guards, our shields that protect us from the world outside.   There are so many interesting occasions where […]

2min read
Jul 2, 2020