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Tag: How To Clean Wooden Chairs

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How to Help Your Team Adapt to New Sanitation in Office

If you are a CEO, manager, leader, you’ll need to have a new Standard Operating Procedure to take care of everyone’s safety. It should cover all measures for ensuring sanitation and well-being. While these measures were taken for granted earlier, they should be everyone’s priority now. Everyone should be alert about chances of contagion and […]

3min read
Aug 14, 2020
Why You Need Sound-Proof Doors for Your Home

Why You Need Sound-Proof Doors for Your Home

There is nothing more embarrassing than your private conversations leak out because you have a hollow door. After all no one would want anyone else to know about their private talks or overhear their conversations. Hence, pay good attention to the quality of your doors. Whether your door is sound-proof or not matters a lot […]

4min read
May 12, 2021
precation in office while working

How to Reopen Your Office Safely with the Right Furniture after Lockdown

A Bangalore-based IT company was looking for reopening office premises. But they wanted to operate only as per the recommended safety norms that included maintenance of social distancing. The same firm had previously bought workstations from us. This time too the Purchase Manager of the company approached us for office solutions. They wanted to get […]

3min read
Sep 30, 2020
Durian Camden Office Chair Collection

Top Office Chair Designs You Need to Check Out

Maintaining a proper posture during long working hours is crucial to avoid health problems that may arise from sitting in an incorrect position for extended periods. Back pain and spinal dysfunction are becoming increasingly common among office workers and people who have a desk jobs. Thus, it is essential to carefully consider the chair we […]

3min read
May 22, 2023
Durian Nature Ergonomic Mesh-Back Office Chair

Here’s How Your Choice In Chairs Can Improve Your Health

Investing in chairs that promote good posture, reduce discomfort, and enhance overall comfort can have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. Let’s explore the importance of ergonomic chairs.

3min read
Nov 1, 2017
Monsoon Care Tips For Wooden Furniture

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture During Monsoons

Wondering how to take care of furniture during monsoon? Here are a few tips that you could use.

2min read
Jun 30, 2017
Durian Nature High Back Office Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair Sets for Office Spaces: Creating a Healthy and Stylish Work Environment

This article discusses the benefits of investing in ergonomic chair sets for office spaces. These specially designed chairs promote a healthy and efficient work environment, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues and promoting productivity.

3min read
Apr 23, 2024
Durian Furniture, Define high-back, mesh-back office chair

The Complete Guide to Comfort and Style for Office Chairs

Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style is essential when it comes to office chairs. Here’ some crucial factors to consider when Choosing office chairs, ensuring that you can create a workspace that fosters both productivity and visual appeal.

4min read
Jul 22, 2023

5 Reasons Ergonomic Chairs Are Good for Your Back

Designed with the user’s comfort and health in mind, ergonomic chairs offer a myriad of benefits that go beyond mere seating arrangements. Here are five reasons why investing in an ergonomic chair could be a boon for your back health

4min read
Jul 22, 2023
Durian Marvel High Mesh Back Chair

Say Goodbye To Back Pain: Why Ergonomic Chairs Are The Answer

With technological advances, It is possible to get most of our work done from the comfort of the indoors. All that a person needs is a computer, but it does not aid one’s physical well-being as much. One of the most common issues that the working population faces is back pain. Back pain is a […]

3min read
May 24, 2023