Since more and more people are home, they’ve been spending a lot of time with things they may have taken for granted earlier.

For example, the mattress.

It’s no longer a place to just crash in after returning from office. It’s now a place that you’re using to relax in from time to time while taking a break from work.

Further, good mattresses ensure good sleep and good sleep ensures good health. So there’s a direct relation between good mattresses and good health. However, we often ignore the upkeep of mattresses and do not realise that little things done for its maintenance can actually increase the shelf life of the mattress.

When we buy a mattress, we look at a long-term investment so it’s best to take care of the mattress for it to last longer.

Here’s letting out a few secrets to help you maintain your mattress and ensure it lasts longer.

1. Cover your mattress

It’s always advisable to cover the mattress so that it stays unaffected by the stains and dirt. Upholstery once stained is difficult to clean so avoid spills. Maintaining the mattress keeps it intact for a long time.

2. Rotate your mattress

Buying a mattress is a long-term investment so we must ensure it is maintained well. Rotating the mattress lengthwise ensures longer life.

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3. Reverse Dual side mattress

Reversing the mattress once in a few months increases the life of the mattress.

4. Don’t fold your mattress

Mattresses are created in a certain way. Folding impacts the construction and reduces the life of the mattress. So, avoid folding it.

5. Don’t smoke in bed

Though most mattresses are fire retardant, it’s best to avoid smoking in bed to stay away from accidents.

6. Don’t use any harsh liquids

It’s not recommended to use harsh liquids for cleaning the mattress. It can adversely impact the mattress.

7. Do not iron on the mattress

The ticking and foam will get damaged if you iron on the mattress. So it’s not advisable to iron on the mattress.

8. Don’t remove the tag

If it’s a new mattress, don’t remove the tag otherwise the warranty will be void. The wear and tear of the mattress can be taken care of with a warranty ensuring its longevity.

All the above secret tips will help you maintain your mattress and ensure it lasts for a long time providing you with all the comfort and relaxation that you need. So the next time you get a mattress home, remember the secrets and act upon them for best results.

Wink mattress shares a tip that tag should not be removed

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After all, mattresses are your go-to place more than anything now since you spend most of your time at home. A little bit of care for the mattress would go a long way in ensuring a wonderful sleeping experience for years.

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