How many times have you walked out onto your sundeck enjoying the morning sunshine and wondered what it would be like if you gave the space a little makeover?

You don’t really need a professional designer to handle your outdoor decor.

A lot of us often avoid doing it ourselves thinking about the difficulties that we might face while getting it done. But have you wondered what it would be like to have a beautiful balcony where you can sit with your friends or with a special someone? Here are a few ways to design a balcony that are not only simple but also, will change the complete look and feel.

Bamboo curtains:

bamboo curtainsSource

Sunlight is good and refreshing, but it’s not something that you  would enjoy on a summer afternoon. A beautiful way to tackle it is to get bamboo curtains that can be easily rolled up or down as per your convenience. It will not only protect you from the extra sunlight, but will also make your sundeck serene.

Vertical plants:

Vertical Plant In Room

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Plants are a great addition to a balcony as they add to the ambience, but hanging them in colorful pots or little baskets makes it even better. A few pants help make the open sides of a balcony refreshing. It doesn’t stay pretty just by planting them- maintaining and taking good care of these little plants is important too.


HammockSource Hammock 2 Source

hammock in room


There is nothing that can beat relaxing in a hammock. These are practically really inexpensive yet really effective. You can set it up easily in your balcony, and grab a glass of juice and relax all afternoon swinging in it as you enjoy your beverage.

Pillows and rugs:



The flooring plays a vital role when you’re setting up your balcony. If you don’t have a visually appealing flooring, it might ruin the complete ambiance of your space. To avoid that, get a rug and spread it out on the deck. You can also give it a nice touch by adding some colorful cushions.


Lights Source

This is the icing on the cake. This will transform your little balcony from an average space to the daily hangout spot for your friends. Try and avoid white lights for the space. Yellow lights are highly recommended as it will give a calm and peaceful feel to your balcony. If you’re having a date, candles would be a great way to add a romantic touch.

Those were a few things that we think would be a great way to decorate your balcony. So, get working on it and share pictures of the same with us.