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1min read
Jan 3, 2023
Build the India by buying Swadeshi products

Buy Indian, Buy Swadeshi Initiative – A Call by Durian

While the Make in India initiative has seen considerable interest and activity, both domestic and international, it can be immensely helped by another initiative – Buy Indian, Buy Swadeshi. Durian Industries Pvt Ltd takes the initiative to invite businesses in India and the international community – manufacturers, businesses, brands – to buy from India. The […]

3min read
Oct 9, 2020
3 Outstanding Door Designs Made from Macassar Ebony Veneer You Must Know About

3 Outstanding Door Designs Made from Macassar Ebony Veneer You Must Know About

Macassar Ebony or Black Ebony is a tree native to Southeast Asia. It yields a unique timber which is used in premium priced delicate crafts and other items like the fingerboard on the guitar. Its veneer is a beautiful yield too with long stripes. These help the craftsmen and artists create unique patterns for surfaces […]

3min read
Dec 18, 2020

Just Launched: 3 New Arrivals in Our Ergonomic Office Chair Collections

Ergonomics is about making items of everyday use friendlier in terms of handling and experience. Because users’ needs keep evolving, better designs are constantly needed to address those needs. Durian’s design team focuses on making office chairs more comfortable for usage in long work hours. These 3 new additions to the office chair collection are […]

3min read
Dec 30, 2020
Why Trust Durian for Wardrobe

Why Trust Durian for Wardrobe

Durian has over 4 decades of experience in furniture. We understand not just the raw materials (solid wood, plywood, laminates, veneer and so on). We also understand the design and aesthetics.   With Customised Wardrobes, our newest initiative in Durian Homes, we cater to your needs of re-organising your living space and lifestyle. Durian’s modular […]

3min read
Dec 22, 2020
precation in office while working

How to Reopen Your Office Safely with the Right Furniture after Lockdown

A Bangalore-based IT company was looking for reopening office premises. But they wanted to operate only as per the recommended safety norms that included maintenance of social distancing. The same firm had previously bought workstations from us. This time too the Purchase Manager of the company approached us for office solutions. They wanted to get […]

3min read
Sep 30, 2020
10 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Ergonomic Office Chairs

10 Reasons Why You Need to Choose Ergonomic Office Chairs

An average person spends more than 13 years of their life at work. Why put up with substandard chairs for so many years of your life when you can go for an ergonomic chair? An ergonomic chair is engineered for comfort, performance, and an adjustable seating experience. Here are 10 reasons why you need to […]

3min read
Oct 28, 2020
Happy family

How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Family

A dining table is a place bringing all family members together. Since you’re spending a lot of time home (because of work from home these days), you might be available for all meals with all family members. But how do you go about choosing the right one for your family? Because dining table sets come […]

3min read
Sep 17, 2020
a closed brown door

3 Types of Beautiful Doors from Round the World to Inspire You

Doors don’t just let people in and out. They also define a home.  More importantly, they define a culture as a whole. Here are 3 types of doors from around the world that will inspire you to come up with creative ideas for your own door. Or these will at least give you insight into […]

3min read
Jul 2, 2020
Premium Sofa set enhances the beauty of the living room

Durian: The Legacy of an Expanding Furniture Brand

A respected brand has its roots deep in history. For Durian, the origin goes back to the Birla’s in British empire with Mr L.N. Dokania made his presence felt in the plywood business scenario of that time. Cut to 1985, when Sajjan Dokania decided to tap into the expanding market for premium, customized furniture by […]

5min read
Sep 9, 2020