The Importance of Design in Workspaces has only increased in recent times. The former avatar of offices and the joys and sorrows of work from home have stressed the need for balance, creativity, flexibility, functionality, and beauty in workspaces.

So no more boring chairs and tables! Say hello to a well designed work space for a smoother work journey to accomplish your organization’s mission.

Here are key takeaways for people in search of better workspaces or want to create one.

But first, What do we mean by a Well-designed Workspace?

A well designed Workspace:
1. Increases productivity of all team members
2. Brings people together to collaborate actively
3. Looks after personal wellbeing of the team members
4. Avoids Repetitive Stress Injuries
5. Reduces hassles in work
6. Saves time for everyone

Durian helps organizations accomplish all these with the right office solutions.

Let us walk you through each of the components we understand about your organization while contributing to its design of workspace.

  • Team Size

Some workspace ideas work very well for huge teams and some are meant for small teams. Team size, along with office size, should determine what sort of look your workspace should carry.

Small teams get along very well in compact and cozy environments – physical distancing still applies though for the post-pandemic times. Workspaces for large teams are designed with a greater sense of experimentation on the floor plan.


We design our workstations and work desks to take care of your team size and what you would like to communicate to your team. Collaboration? Individualism? Pride? Status? We have ingenious ideas for all kinds of messaging.

  • Space for Technology

Technology needs to be well integrated into the workspace. There ought to be intelligent wire management systems on the table as well as in the room. Screens for viewing things and meeting people virtually must be made easily available and easy to use in the workspace.

We will design your conference rooms, auditoriums, managers’ cabins, and every corner of your workspace to make it tech ready. So that you do not leave out your remote working team out of your meetings or struggle with using devices anywhere.

  • Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic design keeps in mind the body type of the users. Since not everything can be customized to one’s body type, it can surely be made with adjustable components.

Our best selling Nature chair is an example of great design complementing the human body.


You’ll find chairs in fabric as well as luxurious leather – depending on how you want different people in your office to sit.

  • Customization

Your office need not look like countless other offices with similar tables and chairs.
We get you a design that suits your office layout, team size, and brand colors. You’ll find these reflected in the storage, workstations, cabin furniture, meeting rooms, reception area, security cabins, pre screening areas, and cafeteria.

  • Respect for your time and privacy

We do not occupy your office while preparing customized furniture for your office. All our products are 100% modular and get made in our manufacturing units. They just get installed and delivered to you.

In fact, some of our offerings are DIY too. Our ergonomic chairs can be assembled by you too at home.

It’s a zero contact, hassle free delivery.


Thus, you get furniture that is contemporary and can be handled easily.

  • Safety, Sturdiness, Sustainability

Each of our pieces is tested for safety and is compliant with the highest industry standards for load bearing as well as strength. Your team would be comfortable in the office.

You can also rest assured that by choosing us, you are doing business with an ethical partner. All our raw materials are responsibly sourced. We are also certified by Fair Trade.
These are the intangibles of great design that get reflected in the uniqueness of your brand.


Durian continues to be the top choice of corporates and offices of all sizes for the range of customizable, ergonomic furniture, enhancing teams’ and executives’ productivity and teamwork.

We are known for our sophisticated designs and aesthetics merged with functionality and comfort.

We have a pan-India presence. Thanks to our wide-spread network, we are fast becoming a well-recognized name among the next tier locations.

Let us know how you can help you turn your office into a well designed workspace.