Recliner chairs are something that gives you the comfort throughout the day. There’s nothing like getting comfy on your recliner chair that soothes your body. Or how about resting on one for a bit while you’re at work?

1) Chairs that help you relax:- 

These recliners are a perfect match when all you want to do is curl into your dreams. Super comfy and a contemporary design means that once you’re comfortable sweet dreams are guaranteed. These recliner chairs add a fresh touch to almost any decor in your living spaces.

recliner chairs

2) Traits that a recliner should comprise:- 

Recliners come in an array of base options that suit your comfort level. While the idea of a recliner remains the same, the functionality needs to be modern and updated. The recliners should be wide and stuffed with padding at the seat, arms and back giving you the soothing experience. It is to be built in such a manner that it can generously accommodate any person giving a better comfort level than expected.

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3) Types of recliners:- 

There are different types of recliners available in the market that provide you with comfort. Few of them are;

  1. Power recliners:- Power recliners are for the ultimate effortless relaxation. For the one who has mobility issue can plug into an outlet and recline at the touch of a button.
  2. Rocking recliners:- The gentle movement of a rocking chair with the comfort of a
  3. Motorized/Lift recliners:- Motorized chairs are equipped with lifting mechanism that pushes the chair up from its base to support you in rising when you find it difficult to rise from a seated position.

Types Of Recliners

4) BERT – The real hero:- 

The BERT recliner is meant to provide a complete motorized lift up and recline to a person. This allows you to recline in comfort without having to move a muscle. Made with cushions, Bert is quite the contemporary recliner. It allows an automatic recline and lift up at the push of a button. The soft back and cushion keeps you ensconced in comfort. If you’re someone who’s facing back issues and prefers comfort, Bert is the perfect fit for you. Juno, Jude and Peter are among the other who have joined the recliner list recently.

BERT Recliner

5) Because recliners are meant to give you the comfort you deserve:- 

Recliners are built to be sturdy, firm and yet give absolute comfort. You are sure to have a luxurious experience when you sink into a recliner.

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