Having some company over soon? Or moving into a new house? Need at least your living room to look presentable while you take care of all the other rooms gradually? Worry not. Here are living rooms of famous TV shows that you can get inspired by and recreate in your own living room.

Friends: Monica Geller’s living room


Here is a living room associated with being the most fun place in the history of television itself! Monica Geller’s living room is next to her dining space. Yet, it is clearly marked with the placement of the sofa which points at the TV. A smaller 1 seater sofa nearby, the center table and the two side tables make it cozy and comfortable. 

Mad Men’s New Pad


Now this is grandeur! Multiple seating points and multiple spots of lighting. Here is a room for people who enjoy company and have all the space to entertain them. Use all the space you have generously to nurture the company-loving soul that you are. No more cramped seating. Only beautiful conversations!

Stranger Things: Joyce House


A sofa, a bookshelf, and a coffee table – that’s really what quiet, booklovers would really like. It’s a living room that lets you be. No clutter, nothing extra. Just what you need to nourish your mind and take a break from screen. Ideal for minimalism-lovers and easy to maintain too! Now this is what we call uncluttered simplicity.

Joey & Chandler’s Apartment


Thank goodness for recliners! And the foosball. Here’s an apartment made action-friendly as well as relaxation-friendly. Look at the living room that puts comfort first. Actually, even the boat you see in the corner seems to be a good idea! It’s your home, so your rules! You too can keep your living room focused around the TV as you chill on a recliner with or without company. 

Whether you are a reader, or a binge-watcher, or a chit chatter, there’s always an interesting living room idea for you. Even though the basic requirements for a living room are the same – the sofa, the table etc. – the way it can be arranged is for you to decide. These quick looks are great references to start with.

Which look did you like the most? Do share a pic of a living room you designed afresh.